15th anniversary gift

Just finished this for Mr. Snails next week on Wednesday.


Awww! What a wonderful gift! So full of memories!

Such a wonderful gift for both of you to enjoy for many more years to come!

Thank you. The bottom middle one is way back when we were dating. The one from renfest was last Sept. I tried to get a good mix of all the years!

So sweet!

Super sweet! I’d love to see a closer pic of the Cricut part of this project!

Awww, this is so sweet! And it turned out looking very sharp, too. Happy Anniversary!

This is the sweetest, he’s sure to love it.

Do you want a close up of the finished thing or a screen shot from cricut?

This was taken before I got it into the frame.


This is perfect! Vinyl on the glass?

Yup shimmer cricut vinyl because it’s what I had on hand that wasn’t bright red! Then just a shiny cream paper behind cut to the size of the glass. Easy peasy!

Looks great!

Thank you! I’m not happy I didn’t get it as centered as I’d like but can’t win them all!!!

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What are you talking about - it looks great! That is a lovely gift and I love the use of different fonts!

Thank you! The font for the months line was a pain because of how thin. If I did it again I’d pick a slightly thicker one.

That’s beautiful and congrats!

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What a thoughtful gift and a great way of commemorating 15 years!!

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Aww, this is so thoughtful and sweet! :slight_smile: