2020 DeStash-Along

YAHOO! My first craft along on LettuceCraft! WOO! My destashing mostly takes the form of working hard to use stash before buying when working on many kinds of projects. I completed a project today that I can’t post yet that I used all stash for and have been working on another project that will be mostly stash!

I am going to try this one too! I have a bad habit of making a beeline for the bargain bin when I go to get something I actually need from the craft store and come away with bundles of remnants (which I’m really not sure are big enough to do anything with). I think I need to rein that in and try and use it all.

I might post some pics of my craft room (I am not sure I posted it set up on the old site) if I can get all the other stuff out of the way. (My craft mojo has been MIA and the room has become a dumping ground for other stuff :disappointed:).

Yay for inspiration!

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Hi! glad you are here! Still have the lovely pillow cushion you made me!

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And I yours! My son still uses his robot cushion :blush:

ok.I am going to show the gluttonous amount of fabric in my craft room…

I need to destash because later, I will show the fabrics that are in the huge bins in the other room…

Hey–at least it is organized! :slight_smile:


@AIMR That is super organized! I am jealous of all your nicely labeled bins.

I’m still in the “cleaning my craft-room” stage but hope to have stash pictures to share this weekend.

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I am definitely in as destashing is a goal of mine for this year. I’m also in the projects one too and they go perfectly together. I can’t wait to see what everyone does as I always gain inspiration and ideas on what I can do myself. Or gain new things to try, lol. :partying_face:

Moving from a large home to a smaller one forced me to scale back and organize. I got the idea for the wire shelves when I visited @MissingWillow…her craft room was wonderfully organized.

Looks fabulous, AIMR!

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This should go well with my 50 Projects craftalong as it’s all intended to be stash stuff! Here’s the state of my stash. Lots of bits and pieces from multiple types of crafts.

Plus close-ups on fabric and bead boxes


I want to stare at these pictures all day…it is like a treasure hunt…drool


Nothing fancy, but I made 2 little fleece mats to put in my new to me shoe rack so it catches the mud and damp. Easily washable too.
The fleece fabric was previously made into a pj top that I didn’t wear because it was too warm. So a destash win and a make for 2020


Oh, me too. I’ve found (and in many cases actually destashed) soooo many “what was I thinking” craft store bargains. :thinking: :thought_balloon:

I gave away a box of packaging paper and a bag of craftroom finds to a woman who wanted it for her daughters daycare center. Novelty yarns, weird craft kits and thick but not very nice acrylics went there. I’ve donated some to the local recycle/thriftstore too.


Love that you repurposed another project!!

Ok, here goes! Current craft room status:

There’s a lovely little oak desk hiding under there…

Much better wardrobe setup than in my old craft room.

My problem is that I lack the shelves I used to have and there are mumble mumble issues of the Knitter in a box in the storage to fit somewhere in there. Not getting rid of those!


I don’t have any drawers anymore or shelves like I did in my old house! I think I need what you use in your closet! Right now, I just use those fabric baskets…I need something stronger!

I think it’s from IKEA. We used it for all kinds of things in the old flat with many wardrobes. There are plastic tubs that fit instead of the wire baskets for those pesky small items that will fall through the baskets.

To be honest, it was close to the bin numerous times, not least when I moved last year!!:rofl:

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Sorry for the lighting, my room is in the basement and it’s been gray and rainy all day, but here’s the unfiltered current state.

The main wall (see all the non-optimally utilized storage?)

The shelf I want to eventually empty:

The closet (the white bin is gaming stuff, not craft supplies):

Edited to add: I started working on folding some of the fabric on the metal shelves right after I took these pictures, and I found the project bag for a knitting project that I thought I had lost months ago! facepalm


Oh, you guys. I need to live here. Unpack my suitcase, hang some curtains (hey, I could make those from my stash!) and settle in. I knew my stash was bad, but when I took the pictures, it really hit me what I’m dealing with. I have this wonderful big closet that I can’t even get into without sliding bins of fabric out into the room. There are also bins of yarn, plus bags of leftover yarn to echo the bags of fabric scraps. Believe it or not, the shelves are fairly organized – I tackled those last year and got all my art supplies, knitting/crochet supplies, sewing patterns, and ribbons all contained in individual and labeled boxes/tubs.

Hm, but I’m also seeing a couple boxes of UFOs on those shelves. {sigh} I’ve got a lot to do. Ok, but no getting discouraged, right? Tally ho!