2022 Repurposed Greeting Cards: Gift Tags

It’s become part of my taking-down-the-holiday-decorations tradition to sort the cards we’ve received into those that I can repurpose, those that get saved (mostly photo cards), and those that have reached end of life. I used a Fiskars punch and a few tag dies on the Sizzixd.


In past years I have used some cards’ fronts as part of making bags, but the truth is that I have a hard time using these gift bags, because most of our gifts get shipped and wrapped boxes and cloth bags pack better together into shipping boxes than paper gift bags. I made myself use them this year, but still have a stash of them so did not make those this year. I also don’t need anymore stashed gift boxes at this time.


How did I know this was your post? I love how you consistently manage to turn cards into something entirely new and different.

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Love that you repurpose the cards! They make very nice tags.

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Thanks, friends!

I love this idea. My aunt always did this with her Xmas card stash. Yours are, of course, so profesh!

What a great idea! I always feel bad having to get rid of Christmas cards, reusing them for something else is a nice way to deal with that.

Such a simple thing to do but a fab end product!

Aww, thanks everyone!

Cute idea!

Aw, thanks!