2023 DeStash-Along

But so cheery!

Continuing to make slow inroads on my sock yarn stash…


I’ve been chipping away at stash slowly lol. Funny how bringing a pup in the home has definitely eaten into my crafting time, but I don’t mind it so much. My hands thank it for the break in any case.

A few items from stash completed over the last couple of months:

Gift shawl - I used up a ball and half of yarn…and then had to buy another ball to finish it, but the last remnants are being used up in a cardi I’m working on now!

Gift cowl - I wish I would have doubled up on the yarn to use more of it. I was paranoid about running out, but of course had plenty left over. The blue is being quickly used up in the previously mentioned cardi.

Said in-progress scrappy cardi, all in pieces (it’s partially sewn together now). All the yarn is from stash. It feels good :grin:

I also have just the scantest start of a dog sweater (because of course I need to make my dog a sweater!). The yarn I inherited from a friend, it’s Noro Blossom. The color is a riot and the texture is nothing I’d ever wear, but she had 9 skeins of it so I found it hard to resist.



Nice stash creations. I love the scrappy star bits and that shawl looks gorgeous…every thong looks great.

Noro Blossom! Lucky pup! One of the first things I ever knit for myself was a plain garter stitch scarf out of two blossom skeins I found at a yard sale. (I loved that thing to death but I am unsure of its current whereabouts…)

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Thanks! I loved the bright colors in the Noro yarn, but was really unsure of how to use it up. My dog is mostly black so we’ve been getting all bright colored harnesses, etc because otherwise she just disappears in the night. So this fit the bill perfectly. And she has very little hair on her chest and belly so it’ll be great to keep her warm when it gets really chilly in the winter. She doesn’t seem to mind wearing the one store-bought sweater I got her, so I’m hopeful.


I used up some fabric from my stash by making a new witch hat all, I mean everything, from stash. In fact, almost all my new Trunk or Treat deco is from stash. But I can’t reveal that yet. Take a look at this hat - or I’ll hex you!

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How many people can conjure up a whole new witch hat from stash? Fabulous! :rofl:

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You just need to make sure your wand is charged up and the potions are made out of fresh ingredients. Poof, easy!

And a ridiculously magical stash.


I bet most of us have stash enough to make a hat.

But actually making a hat is super cool!

Maybe we could have periodic destash prompts. Vague ones like “craft something blue”, or more specific ones like “make three greeting cards”.

Anybody want to play? How about, “Make something inspired by fall foliage. Entirely from stash, of course.”


We have monthly prompts with things like colors, patterns, and a more random one. Would it be better to have them spread out throughout the month?


Maybe I should pay better attention!
Thanks for pointing that out.


Hmmmm, I was all set to start on a hat with this but then I realized the base color is pretty close to my own hair shade. Maybe I should rethink that…


I made a couple of cards with the front of too-good-to-toss greeting cards I have received and stashed papers and card blanks. One is a birthday card for a Nov b-day, the other is going into the card stash, so maybe more of a re-stash? :rofl: I do use the cards I make, so it will get used eventually. In fact, I wish I had made it last week so I could’ve sent it out earlier this week!


I have saved so many cool cards. Remaking them into new cards is such a good idea but I get overwhelmed as to where to begin.

Your cards look brand new and beautiful.


I am way too sentimental to save cards. It’s easier to display them for a bit (sometimes for months) and then move them along. The ones with the coolest fronts get turned into tags, added to the coordinating gift bags, or something like this - without a very long wait time. That’s how I ended up with too many gift bags! :rofl:


Fun times! Having weeded about 50% of my stash a few months ago I now find that I don’t have much left with enough yardage to make a Musselburgh hat with my usual fingering gauge. Sock quantities vary widely, apparently. I did eventually find something that I think will work, but the decision was made like this: “Only three skeins have enough yarn for what I estimate this project will take. Two of them are lovely colorways but are far too pastel for your other outerwear. And the winner is…!”

At this point I am seriously considering ditching 75% of what I kept in the yarn stash and just buying for projects as they come up so I know I’ll have the quantity/colors I want.


Great colorway! I hope it works up the way you want it to.

I feel this comment deeply.

How about KEY SWEATERS?!
There is a pattern!

Or hats, lol :smile:


Those are kind of insane and I like it! Great for the super small scraps.

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omg—more stuff to make with bits of leftover yarns! The tiny hats are insane!

I used some small yarn leftovers to make caps for bottles for a heating program in the UK…Naked Drinks? It was a blast making tiny hats for bottles, but these are even tinier!