2023 Sustainable mend and maintain-along ♻️

New year, new thread! What do you want to mend this year?

In this craft along we try to take care of what we have by mending and caring for garments and other belongings. After spending all that time crafting, it’s nice to take care of and make them last. Plus, it’s like a bonus round of crafting! While we’re at it we might learn new skills, and hopefully have fun with it!

It might seem like overkill to spend time and effort mending storebought items that are easy and cheap to replace. However, while fast fashion is cheap it is not sustainable.

No matter your level of skill or ambition you are welcome to the craft along!


Links and resources

theorispresent https://instagram.com/theorispresent?igshid=g7ywu4s3sj7y
If you have ever wondered where all those second hand clothes go. Sadly, some of it might end up on a beach or landfill in Ghana.

ajabarber https://instagram.com/ajabarber?igshid=3w04ajglb13y
Writes about sustainable fashion, and on her Patreon she also helps people buy better. A lot of inspiration and food for thought on the instagram too.

Tutorials and inspiration

How to hem jeans while keeping the original hem:

Re-soling slippers:


:star: Monthly challenges :star:

January challenge - First
Show your first mend of the year or try something for the first time.

February challenge -
Oops, forgot to create a february challenge

March challenge - 15 minute mend
What can you fix in 15 minutes? Make a dent in the mending pile one quick fix at the time.

April challenge - Shoes
Give your shoes some TLC! It could be as simple as replacing the shoelaces or applying some shoe polish.


Thanks for all the terrific links!

All our sweaters have holes, I have a LOT of mending to do :sewing_needle: :thread:


Thanks for setting this up!

I did my first mend the other day on the ‘22 board, but there’s way more where that came from lol


Thanks! I’ll go through the previous threads and add some more. I’ve fond some good ones among the popular links in previous mend-alongs.


It’s nothing fancy, but my winter boots were getting uncomfortable so I replaced the insoles. They’re a few years old, but the soles and leather (and waterproofing) are still in great shape.

My DH got me a mending loom for Christmas! I don’t have anything to mend yet, but I’m ready.


Ooohhh! I have been ogling that thing, please let us know what you think of it?


Oh! I’d love to try one of those!


I haven’t seen one of those before, how does it work? Is it for mending knitted items?


So great! You must have been on the nice list!

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It’s used like a tiny weaving loom. I would only use this for non-stretchy things.


I have watched that video so many times…I think it means I am meant to get one…I would repair every hole .


Ah, cool!

I didn’t know there was a loom I didn’t have :joy:


I also find it surprising that you don’t own one. :joy:


wow, sounds like a great gift that I’ve never heard of!
I’ll have to go find out how it works~ (oh, I see the video below!)
This is why I love this site == always learning new stuff!


Question, menders:

If you have a knit sweater (75% wool 25% polymide) with holes in it would you wash it first then mend or mend first then wash or does it matter? It is 23+ years old if that matters.


Do you think the fabric will fray? I usually prefer mending a clean item but you don’t want to make the situation worse.

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I am working on similar now. I washed on gentle in a mesh bag & laid flat to dry to get the least distorted shape to begin with. It still tightened up a little but Rob’s trying to shed a few post-holiday lbs anyhow. Maybe his fave Mr Roger’s being snug will encourage him? That’s what I tell myself, anyhow.


My nightdress has a lace border and tonight I noticed it had come loose. I didn’t take a lot of supplies to our little house in the woods but I did take a needle and thread so time for a bit of hand sewing tonight (it’s only 2 or 3 inch luckily).