2023 Sustainable mend and maintain-along ♻️

Maybe some color-on-color scattering of tiny flowers to cover the holes. Like dandelion fluff or baby’s breath. Very subtle. It’s difficult on ribbed knit. But an almost not there flower might work.


I’m midway through mending and maintaining the winch that operates our snow plow. It needs a new cable and installing it is turning out to be rather a booger.


Noticed a tiny hole in my beloved SkinGraft sweater coat that I SPURGED on 5-6 years ago and i did a little fix. Is it visible? Yes! Do I care? NOPE. Its in a spot only I would ever notice.


Upclose before

Outaide Before


The dog was upset we were gone most of the day yesterday. He told us all about his feelings by attacking “Squidy”.

Luckily the huge rip was straight, which made it a lot easier. I had already started sewing in this pick. The rip started where my top finger is.

All done!

Now he just needs a thorough cleaning!

I feel like it’s a super power when I sew up stuffed animals. My 5yo doesn’t even get upset! “It’s okay, mom can fix it!” :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Enjoy your super powers!

Then they get to be teens…oh my!

Then they turn 20 and start to speak in full sentences again and sometimes even ask advice and you become Super Mom again!

Very nice repairs. Now it looks like it should be there.


My son hasn’t got any more pants without tears so needed to mend at least a few. Here’s my very amateurish mending for now. I’m sure it won’t survive long so in summer I’ll just turn them into shorts


Cute save. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it. :heart:

Visiting family with a sewing machine tomorrow, so I’m gathering things to mend today! One good thing about living without a machine / supplies temporarily is that you need to be very efficient when you have the opportunity. No more letting things languish in the mending basket for months!


Hey-ho mending crew! There’s a new badge for the fixers of all things!


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