2023 Sustainable mend and maintain-along ♻️

Quick and dirty:

I keep ripping this seam when taking this top off. It’s a combination of the seam being the least stretchy part of the knit garment, and me having to pull on the garment in weird ways because of the (lack of) range of motion in my shoulders.

New mend in light grey yarn, and an old one in white thread. After inspecting the seam I had to mend another tiny hole on the other side.

Good to go again! I love this garment to bits. It’s got a really weird fibre blend (viscose, lambs wool, polyamide, cotton, cashmere, angora, and also a silk trim just to go completely over the top), but it’s very comfy and cosy.


Seams that are repeatedly stressed and in need of being mended can often benefit from being reinforced by having a narrow piece of woven tape, or similar, sewn into them. The tape takes the majority of the strain, protecting the lighter fabric from being stressed.


Another zipper repair for me this week. This time it’s my husband’s work backpack. This outer pocket is where he prefers to keep his wallet and keys. I thought I might have to replace the zipper, but after inspecting the area, I realized I could just stitch the zipper teeth back on to their cloth base. Yay for me. Only took me 10 min to complete. Now on to the next item.


Mend button band 1G

Found a hole worn through the concealed button band on one of my dresses, right on top of the button it hides too.
Mend button band 2G

I know the stoneware kitchen benches are the culprit causing these wears, and there’s not much I can do as because I’m rather short, and the way the sink particularly, is set up means I need to lean against the bench much of the time to reach things I need, and the stone benches (which I hate with the passion of a thousands burning suns for many reasons) wears through whatever fabric it touches.

Mend button band 3G

It wasn’t until I had cut the matching fabric and set down to start the mend that I discovered a second worn patch that also needed fixing, so had to cut a longer piece. Thankfully I still had a left over piece of the actual concealed button band so could mostly match the pattern. I chose not to undo the multiple layers of stitching as that would have made a bigger mess, and because it’s a house dress; and instead did the mend over the top.

Mend button band 4G


Not the prettiest of repairs, but enough to save this king size bottom sheet to see a few more nights!

This is toward the bottom of the sheet. I turned it to the top so it will be under the pillow. I have been pretty good at rotating my bottom sheet and the mattress pad to help them wear evenly, but, when sheets are 20 years old, this still happens. I sure got my money’s worth with this set, so I won’t feel badly about recycling the good parts for other things…or maybe even make a couple of extra pillowcases!

I also sewed a seam on my weararoundthehouse hooded sweatshirt while I had the light grey thread on the machine.

Two repairs done!


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This video is the best sweater mend I have ever seen.


I would be to scared to pick out the extra stitches like she did. But so insightful.

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Grafting is magic… I’ve never tried weaving in ends from the right side like that. I usually just start with a few duplicate stitches, but ripping out a few more stitches to get ends to weave in makes sense!

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