2nd hand cabinet cat litter house

Welcome to Lettuce Craft! That’s a very clever refurbish!

This is a great idea and it turned out really classy (have to laugh at discussing classy kitty toilets). Using the picture frame to frame the opening was a great idea. I’m glad you shared it. My son has wanted a cat and one thing I’ve wrestled with is where in the world we would put a litter box, but this opens up some possibilities.

Oh! I love it so much!

That’s a neat idea and you made it perfect!

This is a really great idea. I, too, have seen them online and you’re right, they’re crazy expensive! Where did you find this piece of furniture? The addition of the frame makes it… picture perfect! Lololol. I’m glad your kitty likes it. My kitty would not, she likes open tops. I’m thinking about making a screen to go around her litter box, since we just moved and I don’t want her going up and down stairs anymore (she’s 15).

WHOO! Fancy cat box!