2nd Rodeo Pillow From a Vintage Table Runner

A dear one is embarking on a new career (probably more like a 3rd or 5th than a 2nd, but…) so I embellished this novelty pillow cover for her from a vintage, hand-painted table runner for her.

I embroidered “I didn’t realized I was supposed to know everything by my second rodeo. That’s still a very low number of rodeos.” in a couple shades of blue to evoke denim - a cowboy staple.


The font is “lariat” and had stars to dot the “i” so I used star sequins.


I added beads to the cacti, sequins and beads to make the spur on the big boot, and embroidery floss on some of the painted image. You can see just a bit of the mini ric rac I trimmed the edge of the vintage piece with in the cactus pic, but I guess that’s the only shot I have of that!

The base of the whole thing is a sweet yellow calico. There’s a zipper near the bottom seam.

Here’s the original vintage piece and some progress shots





I love seeing repurposed linens like this! What a great gift. And those stars are the perfect accent!

Yeehaw, that’s a great piece!
How did yo transfer the letters, just stitch through then tear off the paper? I struggle with lettering.

Oh what a fantastic use of this linen!! You’ve given me a few things to ponder about adding to my vintage linen project!!! I love your touches to the existing design.


Thanks, everyone!

Once I had the lines how I wanted them I took that pic, then taped the two groupings together with clear tape. Little pieces of masking tape to attach them to a light box, placed the fabric over it all using the pic as placement reference. Then traced on with an embroidery transfer pen. Not as laborious as it seems written out and better results than I usually get with a heat transfer pencil.


Cute and I like the saying too! Beautifully done embroidery for the writing!


Love it!

Fabulous re-use of the vintage linen!

Just love all the little details you added to the vintage piece! Lovely idea to add additional embroidery as well to fit the event!

Sweet backing as well!


Love, love, love this! It is so fabulous! Way to repurpose!


What a wonderful gift! I love how you updated a vintage piece and made it your own.

Thanks, pals!

I love this! Your pillows are epic!

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This is fantastic!! I bet the recipient was thrilled!

This is awesome!

Thanks, friends!

Hahahaha…love the quote! Your stitching and embellishments are perfect! :star_struck:

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That is an excellent quote, and I particularly love the beaded cactus.

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Aw, thanks y’all!

What a great way to breathe new life into a vintage piece! And such a great message. I love it and I’m sure the recipient does too!

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