4x6 Swap Round 5 - Gallery

@jemimah - I really love the way the colors fade around the lines in this piece but are also defined within them! Beautifully done. I don’t think most people would appreciate how hard this is to achieve without looking messy. And the way you defined the focal bird without the blur is genius. You did an amazing job! Your skills are on point!

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That sure is fabulous! I imagine she has the voice of the grouchy lady from Monsters Inc. :slight_smile:

Wowzers! The simplicity of this is perfect! It is absolutely gorgeous!

@jemimah I love the texture that you got with your art! They are grungy in the possibly best way. Especially the background behind the house. The border around the first one is great too. How creative and sweet.


I received one of @Kwality570 ’s fabulous house paintings!

It’s gorgeous - I love the depth of colour, the brick texture, and the clever concept too. Thank you so much!!