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Crafty goodness that challenged the senders :crazy_face:
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Since we had such a small group, we decided to swap with both other swappers. Today I received from @MightyMitochondria

I have LONG wanted a jackalope faux taxidermy. Now I know why I’ve had to wait so long… for this adorable specimen. I know I squealed when I opened it because a cat looked at me strangely.
Heeeere’s JACK!

In all of my eagerness, I forgot to post this cute pincushion extra. Seriously, did she read my mind, I needed her!

Thank you Rose, what a great way to start off this gallery!


I’m so glad you like everything. I really enjoyed the challenge of creating an antlered creature. I stitched mask fabric scraps together into crazy quilt pieces over the summer with no real plan for them. I’m so glad I had them lying around. Otherwise, I would have made the jackalope head out of fabric that was too ugly or boring to be used for masks. That would have been just sad!

I’m also glad you like the pincushion. She has some Marge Simpson hair going on. :slight_smile:


You really outdid yourself, @MightyMitochondria!

Here’s mine:

It’s a bedside rabbit eyeglasses minder! How cool is this?!?!? I love that you included some starry-night-sky fabric, most visible inside her ear.

Here she is, without my glasses:

And I also got a cute egg-cup pincushion.

Thanks so much!!!

You really made $5 feel like $50!


I’m glad you like it! My initial plan was to make a fabric dish to hold your glasses, but I just couldn’t get excited about it. On the other hand, I thrilled to work on the jackalope. I finally realized that I could modify lifeinpigtails’ project into something for you. And now you have it, a glasses holder!


@endymion sent me the most amazing DNA scarf. Not only is it absolutely beautiful, it is also thick and warm. It will be PERFECT for midwest winters. Seriously, I adore it so, so much. Our school started remote learning today, so I am wearing it on all my Google Meets. Thank you! :dna::heart::dna::heart:


I’m glad you like it! I don’t know if it will be super warm, though… The yarn touted itself as a summer yarn. So maybe’s it’s a fall scarf, rather than a winter scarf.

Technically, it did not cost a dime, because I bought the yarn a couple of years ago. I think I bought every skein they had, because I loved the colors and the feel of it.

It was already deeply discounted (at Tuesday Morning)), and then in the clearance area, on top of that.

To the best of my recollection, each skein was $1.89. It took a little over 2 skeins of the red, and about a half-skein of the green+blue. (The blue is actually a different yarn, but care instructions are the same.)


Wowsers! That certainly was a bargain. When I pulled it out I thought you couldn’t possibly have made such a beautiful piece for under $5. Way to go, Miss Bargain Shopper!


Wow! I just got home and see THIS in the gallery! What a great way to end my day! Great science-y work!

Wait… I was so tired, I checked my LC notifications before I even checked the mail! I received! I will post pics tomorrow, suffice it to say… everyone will be jealous! I love it @endymion!

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I got THIS lovely cross body bag from @endymion! I just love it all. The thrifted belt makes it edgy and the sweet inner fabric is adorable and unexpected. I love the colors and textures. Thank you so much Pam for such a treat! I love the strap as well, no worries! :smiley:


This is lovely and such a clever use of supplies. That belt just makes the whole thing. The flap is also a really interesting fabric. Well done!


Yay! I’ve been worried, especially about the strap. All the exterior fabrics are upholstery samples or remnants. The hardware came from my local recycled-art-supplies store. And the belt was thrifted. Again, I did not actually spend anything, just worked from stash.


Hey! Came home to a find a surprise in my mailbox! Got a fabulous crocheted market bag from @lifeinpigtails. Behold its awesomeness:

She was worried about the color, but I absolutely love it! Here’s a close-up shot so you can appreciate the multicolor yarn:

She said it involved a lot of frogging and cussing, which made me laugh because almost all my crochet projects involve a lot of frogging and cussing!
:frog: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :rofl:


That is lovely and so practical.

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Yay! I think I’m gonna go blind and or crazy from the projects I chose to do for you lovely ladies. Learning new skills for @endymion’s bag and learning my new (computerized) sewing machine and making up a technique as I go for @MightyMitochondria. But I’ve never been so happy while making them. Thanks for making me challenge myself!


Thanks for suggesting and hosting!

I still feel like I should show you the other two things I started for you… If you like one of those better, you could finish it for yourself…

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I received the sweetest package from @lifeinpigtails!

First, this fantastic bag. I really like the variety of fabrics she blended together. It is also the perfect size. Just what I need.

I almost missed these sweet bookmarks in gift bag. They are so cute. My little girl will probably steal one.

Thank you, @lifeinpigtails! I enjoyed swapping with you and would love to do it again in the future.

Also, I absolutely loved the challenge of spending $5 or less. I hope we can do another round in the future. Thank you for organizing!


Oh, I love that bag! The fabrics are just great. And those bookmarks! What fun!

Thanks so much for hosting us, @lifeinpigtails!


It was a joy swapping with both of you! Hopefully next time we can recruit more swappers. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: If not, the three of us could knock ot outta the park again!


Wow…almost missed this gallery…you guys, to be honest, I did not see this swap or I would have joined since I love these kinds of challenges and the chance to use stash as well!

Amazing projects…and practical as well as cost conscious!