50 or more Projects Craftalong -2023

I may have missed the conversation, but what do you do at carnival besides dress up in fun costumes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There are several parades from Thursday to Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. That’s the peak of carnival season. Between November and February there are also balls and stage shows with dance acts, lots of comedy and concerts. Cologne has got several local bands that sing especially about carnival and our beloved city :grin: And then there are sing-along parties in the local pubs.
Of course you need different costumes, for partying inside and for street carnival :point_up: And when you participate in a parade :joy:


Wow! That sounds like a really big party! Does it help break up the monotony of winter, or do you have mild winters there? I’m sorry, my geography is terrible.

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I sort of felt “guilty” for buying random yarn to get the best price for shipping from the UK, so I jumped in and make a couple of quick projects with one skein…this is called the Ramble on Beanie…a fast and squishy knit. I had a bit left over so I made a headband as well!

I am now at Project #25!



Dreaming of Spring

Pastels can be Fun

Put a flower on it

Spring Cleaning out a WIP


I didn’t join this Craftalong on purpose because I figured this year would be too busy for crafting. But, just in case, I did fill up my knitting bag with yarn and cross stitch projects, and I took my sewing class backpack with me our temporary accomodation. And it turns out I’ve been more productive than I thought! It’s difficult to take good pictures here so I haven’t really posted anything this year, but I’ll try to take some pictures outside today.

But here’s what I did:

  1. a crochet afghan Scrappy crochet throw
  2. two pairs of fingerless gloves Stashbusting gloves
  3. a skirt More spring sewing projects
  4. a pair of socks
  5. another pair of socks
  6. a pair of pyjama shorts More spring sewing projects

#4 is technically a spring cleaning project, although I started last weekend and only had to finish the second sock’s toe today. I knitted these socks previously, but after one wear, I found they were a bit too big for me, I used my go-to pattern but I think I used needles one size too big. So I washed them and then frogged them and buried those two little balls of yarn in my knitting bag for months. I finally re-knit them earlier this week.


I find being in a smaller space with only a few projects available can be very helpful to productivity. Glad it’s working for you!


:seedling: :honeybee: :tulip: :four_leaf_clover: :butterfly: :sun_with_face: :seedling: :honeybee: :tulip: :four_leaf_clover: :butterfly: :sun_with_face: :seedling: :honeybee: :tulip: :four_leaf_clover: :butterfly: :sun_with_face: :seedling: :honeybee: :tulip: :four_leaf_clover: :butterfly: :sun_with_face:

HEY EV-ERY-BODY! It’s time to vote in the Spring Is In The Air Challenge! Get on over there before the poll closes on March 27, 2023!

I made a bunch of linen embroidered towels last year and had a little bit leftover from each colorway. They weren’t big enough for a proper dish towel, but a good size for a hand towel or maybe for wiping up spills, etc. I put a loop on each one with twill tape so I can hand them on a hook next to the sink.

They just needed hemming all around. They are plain, but I resisted the urge to decorate them since they will probably get used a lot.

project #38…going for 40 by the end of the month!


Those are really gorgeous even without decoration!

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I love those linens & the idea of using them for hand towels.

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I hit 26 for the first quarter with my Plate of Brown-Es! :crazy_face:


I have 4 projects that are mid-way through completion, though! So maybe by the end of the first week of the second quarter, I will have those done! Well, three of them, at least.


I finally finished the socks I was working on for my hubby (started last August). I messed up on the heel for the first sock, so it looks a little funky. The good news is it fits well! This is my 8th project for the year. They are a pattern called Salted Carmel from The Knitters Book of Socks.


Beautiful! I love the choice of yarn. I find that colour changes can sometimes distract from the pattern but in this case the colour and the pattern go together beautifully.


I have just realised that I am so very far behind in my making goals… but Inhave also made other stuff and haven’t posted yet, so here’s a few things to add, which I will link in my list once I have given them their own post.

Two swap items for the wonderful @jemimah

A hand towel for my kitchen


Has anyone made one of those knitted-then-felted cat caves? I’m thinking about trying one out. I’m not sure if either one of my boys would be interested, but I have plenty of friends that have cats plus there are deserving cats in the shelters.

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I did a cat bed that I felted, years ago. Two previous cats ago! She loved it. It was a pi shawl, made into a bowl, and felted & then dried over a Tupperware cake tub. :slight_smile:


Oh my gosh the Internet remembers everything. Here is the bed. How to Knit a Felted Cat Bed

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That eyelash yarn around the edge is so cute. I haven’t seen that bed before! Adding “go to yarn store” to my list of To-Dos.

By my count I’m up to 24 projects now. Waiting for this swap item to be shared:

Trim to be added to a bag & there’s something else interesting on the craft room table too.
The itch to stitch is upon me!

@AIMR how do you get your images so small?