50 Projects in 2020

Thanks! It’s Lion Brand Mandala Thick and Quick.


This hat is so happy! :rainbow:

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One thing I wanted to do was use up all the small bits of cotton yarn I have that rent enough for a complete project. So I made dish cloths with random yarns.

Since these aren’t “pretty” I won’t mind using them for really gross jobs like cat vomit and really greasy stuff.

This is called a bead stitch. I really liked it. A bit different than a puff stitch because you work around the post of a double crochet rather than work as a normal stitch.


Oh man I wish I had been on here a little more! Life has been busy but I join a group on facebook that is doing a 52 week sew a long! So I will try and post here weekly as well. The first week was getting your sewing space cleaned up and right now the theme is UFOs. I might not follow the theme for each week but it will help motivate me!

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@geekgirl Those are great! I only know the basic, basic, baaaasic crochet stitches and now I’m tempted to pick it up again and learn more!

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My first finish of the year was for the Little Good Things swap and it was received yesterday. Here it is


Those washcloths are fantastic, @geekgirl! I would think that the bead stitch makes them great for scrubbing.

I love your cross-stitch crow, @Immaculata! So pretty and well-stitched. Crows and ravens are some of my favorite birds, too (even gave DS2 a name that means raven, and he is just as mischievous as his name would imply :joy:).

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I haven’t posted to my facebook group yet. But I had found these two blocks during my sewing room clean up (they might be ones my mom made as the piecing looks a little more perfect than my usual :laughing:). The little green star is perfect size for a coaster and the squares is a nice mug rug/trivit size. So I did some quick stitch in the ditch and bound them. Now they are all finished!! :grin:


The dishcloths and the little quilting projects look so great!

Dishcloths are such a great way to practice! Who cares if they come out wonky!


Nice! I never know what to do with spare blocks from other projects…good idea to turn them into pretty useful things.

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@AIMR thank you! And yeah I don’t do a ton of big things so I like making little things like these.

So my mom and I have been getting into custom printed fabrics. And one that we really like is backstitch. Well awhile ago they had some retail and I was super lucky to score some of the Harry Potter jellypens as toddler toppers. So its just two pieces of minky that they print for you to buy and do a quick stitch and flip. So I did up this Honey Dukes one to give to my nephew. His mamas are Harry Potter fans so I thought it would be a good one for him.


Finished my 2nd project of the year. Not the overalls like I was supposed to but I got sidetracked by a little felt/fabric snail. I should not peruse Etsy for cute patterns. Dangerous.



That is such a cute snail!!! I love it!

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Sweet! Love the floral fabric shell!

Such a cute gift!

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I created a set of hummingbird atcs for a swap on another site.


Finished my first project of the year!


Nice!! And warm!