50 Projects in 2020

This will be my first year joining in and hopefully getting me to post more pictures. My list

  1. finish little good things swap 1

  2. make little good things swap 2

  3. stitch markers for little good things swap 2

  4. finish knitting Banyan socks

  5. finish cherry blossom diamond painting

  6. peppermint purple SAL

  7. Bernice socks

  8. Splash splash socks

  9. Jelly fish box

  10. Jellyfish cross stitch

  11. Go bananas swap shawl

  12. Go bananas swap blackwork hearts

  13. Sunflower cross stitch

  14. Lemon cross stitch

  15. Cross stitch bird

  16. Bunny

  17. Cat cross stitch

  18. Flower pen

  19. Bird Atc

  20. Cat doily

  21. Jellyfish cross stitch


How to people who make ATCs count them? I make a LOT of ATCs in a year. maybe by month? I doubt I will post pics of them all. That would be too much.

Still feeling the place out, but I think this thread is one of the best places I can start getting back into the groove. My parents moved to IN from FL back in July 2019 and lived with DH and myself until mid-September before construction was complete on the house they bought, totally derailed the little bit of crafty mojo I was building back up from a several year hiatus…blargh…

I’m back and I’m bad…but in a good way!

Here’s a little bitty list to start, more to come as I think of it, and hopefully items will be crossed off sooner rather than later.

  1. Crystal Light Wallet (like a tea wallet, but with slots for those single-serve drink packet thingies…I get tired of plain ol’ water when I’m running errands all day)
  2. Apron top for me
  3. Lounge pants for me
  4. Lounge pants for DH
  5. Button or Teesha Moore stocking for me
  6. Button or Teesha Moore stocking for DH
  7. Finish 8x10" cross stitch I started in 2019 and mat/frame it
  8. Sunflower quilt (this is an ambitious one as I don’t know how to quilt yet!)

I haven’t done a 50 projects in too long. I’m excited to jump in again this year.

In progress/planned

  1. Quilt that’s been a WIP for too long
  2. Winter moose (ceramic figurines that need painted)
  3. garden cross stitch
  4. Cardigan with scrap yarn

1.Wooleater lap blanket
2. pine log shelf
3. Edlothia shawl for Catt
4. Bird Cross Stitch
5. Hotel For Bees shawl
6. shirt pillow
7. 3 pages in Hawaii scrapbook
8. Sugar skull
9. Card for Krista


I had “make something for myself” on my 2019 goals and only managed to do it at the very end of the year. I make things for other people, but so rarely myself! So most of mine have been on my private list for years… we’ll see how posting publically goes.

My List
1. Little Good Things Swap items for anna.wahnsinn - DONE; HERE
2. Reusable fabric snack bags
3. Skirt from Ghanaian wax print umbrellas fabric
4. Learn to crochet / make a small project
5. Mug rug
6. Zippered hip bag
7. Pendant necklace(s)
8. Embroidery hoopla for me
9. Stamped clay plant markers
10. Learn arm knitting / make a small (in time) project
11. Tea cozy
12. Floppy clutch purse
13. Paint-by-number
14. New garden bed(s)
15. Sewn face masks - DONE; Here
16. Repair ceramic bowl
17. Artful mending of favourite sweater(s)


I’m so happy we’re back, and I’m in for another round!

Finished Projects:

  1. Crochet hanging baskets (4)

  2. Jade rosary

  3. Loom knit hat

  4. Scrap buster crochet basket

  5. ocean batik quilt (school auction)

  6. handspun crochet beanie for DNe

  7. Weekender bag for DS2

  8. Baby blanket for DNi1

  9. Handspun bandana cowl for DS2

  10. Handspun bandana cowl for DH

  11. PVC quilt display rack

  12. Pillowcase for DS1

  13. Pillowcase for DS2

  14. Pillowcase for DS2

  15. Weekender bag for DS1

  16. Face masks (24)

  17. Face masks (20)

  18. Spin 2 Noro Rainbow Rolls

  19. Red/white/blue quilt

  20. Face masks (25)

  21. Face masks (30)

  22. Set of mug rugs

  23. Dye rainbow roving

  24. Rainbow batik quilt

  25. Spin the Rainbow

  26. Cryptozoology pillowcase

  27. DH’s sweater

  28. Spin pink/brown roving

  29. Star Spangled Leash and Collar

  30. Neverland tote

  31. Neverland zipper pouch

  32. Space rock magnets

  33. Moonbeam Cable blanket

  34. Face masks (10)

  35. Spin 1lb. of wool from SSS

  36. Embroidery hoop pin display

  37. Pocket shawl

  38. Handspun neckwarmer

  39. Belts for the kids (3)

  40. Popsicle sleeves (2)

  41. Tiny boxy zipper pouches (18)

  42. Crystal Ball pendant

  43. Crochet tote

  44. Handspun kelly green merino wool

  45. Fleece blanket for doggo

  46. Painted rock magnets (6)

  47. Crocheted handspun hat

  48. Pajama bottoms (3 pair)

  49. Crystal Ball Pendant (silver)

  50. Handspun hat for DNe

  51. Triangle Fleece Scarf

  52. Spin 4 oz. BFL

  53. Handspun hat for DNe

  54. Handspun hat for Dni

  55. Handspun earwarmer for Dni

  56. Hobbes

  57. Mid-Michigan Color Tour yarn

  58. Recipe book

  59. Embroidered bookmark

  60. Fairy tale book cover

  61. Bookish book cover

  62. Handspun earwarmer

  63. Neon Rainbow Beanie

  64. Sweater for DS1

  65. Handspun pygora yarn


Dragon ami #1
Dragon ami #2
Archimedes amigurumi
Restore Betty (my 1919 Singer 66)
Loom knit socks (MIL)
Lost in Time Shawl
Ripple Afghan
Sweater for DS2
Scrappy quilt

Proposed Projects:

Gemstone rosary
Lab coat for DH
#Shirtstorm shirt for DH
Loom knit socks (FIL)
Tablecloth for kids’ table
Loom knit socks for DH
Quilts (3) for DGNe’s


I bottomed out last year… let’s hope 2020 is the start of something fabulous!


  1. Placemats for LGT swap
  2. Black kitty softie for LGT swap
  3. Notecards for Craft Stars Garage Sale
  4. Bday card for my brother
  5. First ever attempt at masterboards

6. Mermaid notecards
7. Cheerful notecards
8. Steampunk notecards

9. Mini swap package


I finished my first item! But it’s for the Little good things swap so it’s still a secret.

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I was thinking the same thing. Maybe your list could just have an item that is the ATCs per month with a number after it and maybe a little pic collage?

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I usually just list them and do a count next to them like this

  1. ATCs - 4
  2. Inchies - zillion
  3. Food - zero

Do you know how we can do those tiny pictures? Thumbnails? I wanted to post in my list but a huge picture came up…not cool since I already posted in a separate thread…

@AIMR you can edit the dimensions. to post that small pic I changed these numbers by dividing the original ones by 4

![pic3| 91x125 ]( upload:// veArmRAjPMTik0frMdNEyIBlgFw.jpeg)


Thank you so much…I might have to make a trip your way to get hands on instructions on using my phone to post… :smiley:

you’re not that far… lunch date? :smiley:
The Triangle and surrounding areas is like a central hub for LC members!


I know…since I am retired, I have a very flexible schedule! :smiley:

I told my husband that my driving limit is about 8 hours but my flying limit is unlimited!

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Oh yes, I love the 50 projects! I think I barely made it in 2018, and couldn’t find enough pictures in time in 2019. 2020 will, of course, be totally different! At least posting pictures will be so much easier here!

O get craft room into shape (fit all the things!)
O LGT swap
O black skirt from that solid jersey my own pattern (after a purchased H&M skirt)
O purple skirt (that very solid stripey jersey)
O black pants – copy favorite black corduroy pants (ballooney Lagenlook style) or maybe StyleArc Ethel – with tiny pintucks/pleats?
O purple pants – copy favorite black corduroy pants – or maybe StyleArc Ethel
O black Linda pants for work and everyday wear
O black Linda pants for lounging and everyday wear (elastic in bottom seams)
O purple dress (that solid stripey jersey) (Ottobre)
O brown dress with teal dots (Ottobre)
O black dress (thanate’s pattern, maybe adjust sleeves)
O purple or teal 3/4 sleeve shirt
O black (or more colourful) 3/4 sleeve shirt
O crop tops/sports bras
O booster seat for kiddie sofa (for me) Jan 22 – working on this!
O sofa cushions (purple & matching)
O matching pouf cover
O kiddie quilts from pink STS quilt top for H&L
O green polkadot bed curtains for H
O reupholster and cover that desk chair seat
O zebra dress for L
O kitty dress for H
O stars dress for LL
O find IYP bag with E&A goodies
O crochet purple cowl (second try)
O more doll clothes (sewn)
O more doll stuff (crochet)
O Fun in Function 1/4: Bags in Bloom bag (eyeing 2)
O window panes in craft room wall

Added later as I’m still in the gathering stage…
O wool dryer balls!


I stopped doing the 50 things C-A-L when I felt like I was just spamming things over from the Nerd Games, but I’m totally going to spam! I don’t have a formal list (yet), I need to go through and list my WIPS, at least, the rest will be whatever. I do have a goal to make at least ONE project from each of the craft books I have that I haven’t used, yet!

  1. 2020 Goal Book
  2. Little Good Things Partner Craft # 1
  3. Little Good Things Partner Craft # 2
  4. Craft I owe someone # 1
  5. Craft I owe someone # 2

snort :rofl:

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oh man…I wish I hadn’t read everyone’s list…there are so many things I want to make as well…such great ideas!!


Oooh @imera how did you put that cool table in your list?