50 Projects in 2020

what a gorgeous sweater!


That looks great! I love the colour.


Wow, that’s impressive! I bet he loves it.

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Thanks! He did really like the sweater!

I made my pup a leash and collar set for Independence Day. He was so excited for his new and fashionable accessories.


Life has been busy! But here are a few projects I’ve done. First a tea towel apron and a big tote bag out of this years MN shop hop fabric for my local shop (the fabric can’t leave the store till the shop hop starts but they asked if I could help make a couple samples)

And then a cute bag for my switch using fabric from the custom fabric group Mahou Sewsation on Facebook!


Participation ribbon for the yarn yo-yo championships!


I love that Kirby fabric, @poetrylover828! That was one of my favorite video games as a kid and now we have it on our RetroPie and I’m enjoying my second childhood through my kids. :laughing:

My partner in the Common Ground swap has received so I can post my latest projects!

A tote and zipper pouch in Neverland fabrics, and starry rock magnets.


I am swooning over those rocks!

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@tendstowardschaos thank you! I loved the fabric and had to have some so I have a bunch of CL panels and I got in on a short run of an all over print so I’m getting five yards of cL to make clothes eventually.

I love the bag! And those rocks turned out amazing!

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Those rocks are gorgeous! Any tips/tutorial on how to do some?

Thank you! This video is a good example, but I always just start with a black surface, then add color. I did all the stars with a toothpick because I didn’t want any weird splatters. I use a small round brush. Lots of colors, lots of layers and mixing colors. Nebulae are basically just clouds.


@tendstowardschaos I love your galaxy rocks!!!

I haven’t had a lot of time for crafting. Made some items for my partner in the common grounds swap but she hasn’t received yet so I can’t post them.

I made the kiddo this shirt since he’s been calling himself the Panic King. The lettering is meh but I like the gold glitter crown. And the kid loves the shirt so it’s a win. :smiley:


Did some sewing this weekend. Nothing crazy but still fun to get some stuff made. I made a dish drying rack from the Dry Ideas pattern. And then an advent calendar from a panel. The calendar was a little tricky as the instructions printed on the panel weren’t super clear.


I love the advent calendar, I have never seen a panel like that before. Something to keep in mind when I’m placing my next fabric order!

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Yeah. I thought it was a fun looking project when I saw it in my local shop.

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I have been working on this for over three years and it’s finally done.


I love this pattern, are those EPP hexies? Did you handstitch it?

Yes they are epp hexies. All hand stitched


ohhh…thanks for posting this…I have made quite a few hexie flowers and wondered how they would look just all put together! I think it looks terrific and perfect for my scrappy style…@immaculata…I haven’t forgotten you…I just have been thrown off a bit by life, but I have a package coming to you with fabrics for your own hexie quilt!!!

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Thank you so much! I know you’ve had other things to worry about lately.

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