50 Projects in 2020

OK! Time for what I am sure will not be the first project dump as I try to catch up with all the projects I haven’t posted since… May?

#41 - A batch of dresses for the biggest of my small dolls (30cm)

#42 - Three for the slightly smaller of the big small girls (27cm)

#43 - A doll sweater for the 27cm doll

#44 - Another batch for the big small girl (30cm)

#45 - Itty Bitty Boxy Pouch (small, but it doesn’t go with anything else)


I just love how you have so many small prints to use in those dresses! Just so cute! How are they closed in back?

The tiny sweater is so cute and a good use of scrap sock yarn…I just love the little bitty ribbing!

Your doll clothes are always so cute! That tiny pouch looks like the same pattern as the one you sent me. Which pattern did you use for it?

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@AIMR - Thanks! They’re closed with tiny little snaps - I buy them by the gross because I go through so many.

@Immaculata - It is the same! I hadn’t made one in months, but I had to do some unpicking because I got overconfident thinking I remembered how to do it without instructions. It’s this pattern.

#46 More 27cm dresses

#47 A couple 16cm dresses (there were two of the polka dot fabric, but I only photographed one)

#48 More 16cm doll clothes


Those dresses are so cute…but so tiny…hardly a dent in your stash…lol…you do a good job of making each one look so different…I particularly love the blue spiral patterned one

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I finished the socks for my MIL just in time for our Christmas exchange. They turned out so soft - I really love that yarn.

I made myself sit down and weave in the ends on DS2’s sweater. This particular yarn and stitch didn’t lend itself well to the task, and there are a couple spots where the fabric puckered slightly. boooo. But, it fits. :woman_shrugging:

And project #200…replacing the zipper-that-wouldn’t-close on my husband’s winter coat. Heavy coat + tiny coil zipper = bad combination. I replaced it with a heavy duty zipper.


WOW! You sure did a lot of projects…all very nice…love the red sweater…but those socks…the look perfect!

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Thank you! They do have a couple mistakes, purled when I should have knit, but that’s okay. I’m so thankful for sock looms, because I am hopeless with needles.

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I love scrolling through and catching up with the latest additions to this thread! I am pretty sure I say that every time, but it is true every time, so… I will continue to say it. BUT I guess I will mostly be saying it in the 50 Projects in 2021 thread! Are you going to make on, @AIMR? [waggles eyebrows emphatically]

I have some other things taking my time for the next few days - putting away holiday decorations, putting together a puzzle, writing thank you notes, etc. - so I am not sure I will actually get another project completed! It kind of freaks me out saying so. I added number 117 to my list last night and I guess that’s good enough. :blush: :upside_down_face:


My DH 3D-printed Pickle Rick and I painted him. :smile:


HAHA! What a hoot!

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Oh I definitely will be continuing on into 2021…I don’t ever complete my list, but at least it is an attempt at a bit of focus and organization…I look at my list as evolutionary…it changes all along the way…I see so many projects here that I want to try and then out of the blue, one project leads to another etc.

Now that I am “retired” and pretty much sheltering at home, I have loads of time and boredom…

I am going to work on some traveling things in anticipation of travel next year once things get better…I have loads of small gifts and acts of kindness things I want to make as well as learning to work with clay and improving my cross stitch!

lol I wish I had remembered to add a pickle to my tree this year…I couldn’t find the ones I received in swaps…still packed away in the attic, I am guessing!


YEY! I like this thread more for documenting my projects than for putting together a to-make list, though I do try to set a few goals for a year even I don’t actually do them.

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I print out my list each year and put it into a notebook…it is sort of a quick reference for me to see what I made and to find the picture in my digital albums…it gives me a great sense of accomplishment even if I don’t hit my personal goals…I know we all do more than many people and that is saying a lot!

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I think my approach in general to much of life is “look what happened” rather than “this is gunna happen.” Odd since I am such a planner. :thinking:


I managed to complete 30 projects! That’s one every 10 days + some WIPs. Way more than expected!


I just spent a little time updating and catching up on posting a few 2020 projects. I made it to 50! I was a bit hit and miss with updating and commenting, and I don’t think I captured everything, but it’s so great to have a record of my crafting in 2020 to look back at, and to look back through the many wonderful projects you’ve all posted in this thread! Thank you for organising this space for us @AIMR :heart:

Here’s a couple of my late 2020 projects I just posted …

Flamingo cushion cover

Frog prince watercolour


Love your little frog…hmmm…February can be frogs and flamingo month!!!

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I would be into that!! :frog: :flamingo: :frog: :flamingo:

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These are brilliant, and I totally need to make some (not sure what theme yet) to display my massive collection on collectible pins from multiple countries and fandoms! :two_hearts: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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