50 Projects in 2020

The tea wallets are super adorable!

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Thank you!

Welcome! That’s a very ambitious list! I’d love to see your progress.

I’m not even at 25 yet, at this rate I’m not going to get to 50. But at least I’m keeping busy :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey ya’ll! Its been such a long time since I’ve joined in. Better late than never, right? So here is my list:

-OWS -kwality570
-matching mermaid leggings for our upcoming trip
-“tiny girl gang” shirts for our upcoming trip
-more canning
-maybe complete my daughter’s quilt?
-castle cross stitch


  1. Minh Thi Phan miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  2. Wendy Adams miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  3. Deep One Hybrid miniatures - Mansions of Madness board game
  4. Preston Fairmont miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  5. William Yorik miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  6. Agatha Crain miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  7. Carson Sinclair miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  8. Father Mateo miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  9. Rita Young miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  10. Onsies for my sister’s baby shower
  11. Valentine’s Day cupcakes for my daughter’s class
  12. chocolate covered strawberries
  13. repaired couch cushion
  14. Fox in Socks outfit for my kiddo’s Dr. Suess day
  15. Ice cream hair clips for crazy hair day
  16. Sign I made at MOPs
  17. Ghost miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  18. Deep One Priest miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  19. another miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  20. more miniature - Mansions of Madness board game
  21. My first face masks
  22. canning shelves
  23. Men’s masks
  24. Women’s masks
  25. strawberry print pants and hat for my newest niece
  26. Masks 4/10
  27. striped pants and headband set for my niece
  28. camping print pants and hat set for my niece
  29. bunny rolls
  30. cinnamon rolls
  31. Masks 4/13
  32. Masks 4/14
  33. cross stained window project with the family
  34. charcuterie board for hubby’s birthday
  35. Masks 4/22
  36. Masks 4/29
  37. Masks 5/13
  38. Deep one miniatures - Mansions of Madness board game
  39. Masks 5/29
  40. Birthday cupcakes for the little one
  41. Masks 6/4
  42. Pickled Eggs
  43. sourdough pizzas
  44. charcuterie board 6/14
  45. charcuterie board 6/20
  46. Masks 6/19
  47. Masks 6/23
  48. Masks 6/29
  49. Masks 6/30
  50. Canned raspberries
  51. Masks 7/9
  52. Masks 7/12
  53. Masks 7/14
  54. Masks 7/16
  55. Raspberry jelly
  56. Masks 7/17
  57. charcuterie board 7/18
  58. Masks 7/20
  59. Salted caramel frosted chocolate cupcakes
  60. Masks 7/30
  61. Canned Pickles
  62. Canned Pickles
  63. Pillow covers for our homeschooling room
  64. Masks 8/16
  65. Canned Peaches
  66. Mask straps
  67. Masks 8/19
  68. Masks 8/20
  69. Canned Pickles
  70. OWS for thanate
  71. OWS for AIMR
  72. Canned Peach pie filling
  73. canned peach cobbler jam
  74. canned peach jam
  75. Unpaper Towels for kwality570 in the OWS
  76. Peach Pie

Plenty of time to make things…50 is just a number…it is whatever works to keep yourself motivate…great job everyone…

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I jumped on the pocket shawl bandwagon to use up some yarn. It’s cozy, but maybe a bit wider than I intended. It’s almost shawl weather, though, so it’ll get some use.


I love the colours! It looks super comfortable.

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Pocket shawl? oh genius!!! Love the colors!


@tendstowardschaos The shawl is lovely… I may need one of these. But first I have to learn to crochet.

@jillybeans I must know about canned raspberries… how do you use these? Ice cream topping? In a bowl with whipped cream on top? In smoothies? I have never seen canned raspberries before but now I want some,


When I was a kid my nana would can whole raspberries in a simple syrup. She would just pour some into a little bowl for me and I would eat them with a spoon. It was one of my favorite things as a kid! It’s like a dessert, but you could definitely put it on top of ice cream or add whip cream! That all sounds amazing!! Now that I have kiddos of my own and my nana has stopped canning a few years ago (she was over 90 when she stopped!), I wanted them to experience this childhood memory of mine. :slight_smile: My eldest is all about it! She is a little version of me.


My DS1 wanted a neckwarmer like the one I made his little brother, but yellow. They’re not really big on scarves, but these are easy to pull on and off. I spun the yarn and dyed it with Wilton’s. It’s just a rectangle with the corners stitched together.


Oooo! I bet this is warm and cozy! I bet it’s a lot easier to play and such in one of these than in a scarf.


This is a really cute idea. Kids don’t have to worry about a scarf coming unwound and getting in the way of playing in the snow!


good idea for adults as well! ha ha


I haven’t been on very much lately but I got a few projects done.

First is this art quilt sort of top. It’s not super big. Around the size of a fat quarter. But I had fun using fabric inks and then sewing on some hexies and cutting the bees out of a piece of fabric.

Then I made some masks to donate to the school I work in.


I also made this fabric box. But it didn’t turn out quite as planned because of the stabilizer I used. I’m going to make another one using a softer stabilizer next time.


I’ve had this project saved in draft form for many days while Hector decided to visit the West Coast before going to his new home on the East Coast.


Now that these things are in their new home, I can share them!

Another handful of painted rock magnets:

A ton of tiny zipper pouches:

A cotton tote bag:

The Labyrinth-inspired crystal ball pendant:

And, not a swap item, this hank of Merino handspun: