50 Projects, Let's Do This! 2022

This was my weekend I guess as I got two more projects done.

First a bowl cozy. I wasn’t sure what to get for my grandpa for a Christmas but this seemed like a good gift. Probably will make some cookies or something to go with it.

Second I made my roommate and I matching ice cream cozies. They hold a pint of ice cream and now are super cute!


Great projects! I’m sure your grandpa will love it!

And now I really wish we had ice cream.

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I finally finished the crochet blanket I started in May last year!


@poetrylover828 - those ice cream cozies! haha! so practical, yet FUN!

@mellybelly81 - I AGGRESSIVELY LOVE THIS BLANKET!!! do you have close up photos? the colors are fantastic!


Thank you! Honestly our apartment is just so cold that even if we want ice cream it’s no fun holding the containers so these help. And I like that they match!

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I will try to keep an updated list here this year! @roler suggested I do so in the past. I post everything I make in the Nerd Games craftalong, but those aren’t posted in one post. I finished 95 projects last year. It would be great to see them all in one spot. So here goes!


  1. A Walk in the Unicorn :unicorn: Forest mosaic blanket

  2. Snowman diamond art

  3. Minnie Mouse diamond art

  4. Release the Quacken!


  1. Humming-burned Clock

  2. Gymnast


  1. Dinosaur Blanket

  2. Gnome Wizard


  1. RosieMac blanket

  2. Bobbly Wobbly Sheepy Sheep

  3. Tiny Shiny Nessie

  4. Danish Heart Basket


  1. Brytla Battlehammer


  1. Scandi Birds Blanket

  2. Painted Unicorn

  3. Chaos Theory Blanket (photo coming soon)


  1. Hair clipper bag

  2. Vintage Owl Bag

  3. Candy Striped Snowscape Mosaic Blanket


  1. Floral Reflections Scarf

  2. Green Scarf

  3. Blue Scarf

23-27. Four Pink Scrubbies

27-30. Four Purple Scrubbies

31-46. Dishcloths

  1. Storer Bought Creation burned sign


  1. Braided mosaic scarf

  2. Bat bow tie

  3. Froggy with a lolly pocket

  4. Hat

  5. Pink Tree Ornament

  6. Green Tree Ornament

  7. Candy Cane Holder


55-66. Gift Bows

  1. Koi Harmony Blanket (pattern not yet released)

  2. 10 Point Snowflake

  3. 6 Point Snowflake

  4. A different 6 point snowflake


I made a thing :grin:

(Zipper pouch made out of candy wrappers)


Can’t believe I forgot to join this year!
No idea how many projects I’m going to complete this year because I’ll be busy but here’s to trying!

  1. Tablerunner for Christmas
  2. Purple dress Three spring sewing projects
  3. Yellow dress
  4. Baby quilt #1 (rainbow) Rainbow charm baby quilt - Inspired-along challenge 2022 Entry
  5. Baby quilt #2 (dinosaur)
  6. Cross stitched card for SAL Feb
  7. Cross sttiched card #2
  8. Quilting course project #1
  9. Quilting course project #2
  10. Quilt for me!
  11. Hexie swap quilt
  12. SAL march
  13. Redwork sampler
  14. Cowl neckline shirt Three spring sewing projects
  15. Three pillowcases from a repurposed sheet (pillowcases)
  16. Orange dress Three spring sewing projects
  17. Socks Zig zag socks
  18. More socks Christmas socks
  19. Pineapple print skirt
  20. Striped dress
  21. London print zipper pouch

Grabbing a spot


:grin: So I Embroidered a jacket

Really excited about this one :grin:


So I had a couple projects last year for the pattern company Ellie and Mac and now that I have a Cricut I can do some of their cut files. So I made these two shirts using the cut files they have on sale this week.

I had fun making the My Parent is my BFF and My Sibling is my BFF shirts. I used premade shirts and some Cricut brand HTV. The cut files were easy to use. I did the sibling one for my brother because I thought it would be a funny gift (we had a late holiday get together so I made it for that). So he looks less than excited XD And then I made the parent one for myself. I thought it was fun and even though I am an adult I thought it would be nice to show my parents a little love.

Here is my affilate link if anyone wants to check out the cut files or any of the fun patterns they have on sale. The patterns are digital so you will have to print and then tape them together. But I have found their patterns easy to understand as a beginner in clothes sewing. Weekly Sale & Free Patterns – Ellie and Mac

I am planning on getting some sewing done soon. I think the dark winter has me extra tired. Plus I had a long week last week with work and family stuff on days off. So here’s hoping I am able to catch up on sleep over this week and coming weekend.


Hey everyone! I’m ready to drop back in! The past couple years have been the hardest of my life. But, things are starting to calm down a bit and I’m finding I have some free time for crafts, and maybe even the headspace for it, we will see! :slight_smile:

2022 Goals
-Finish my castle cross stitch
-frame my other two finished cross stitches (DONE! Feb 2022)
-make hair bows for my girls
-make my husband a new merit badge sweatshirt (his first one is starting to fall apart!)
-sew valentine’s face masks
-sew some more face masks in general


  1. Cupcakes for my friend’s birthday
  2. Painted a mug at a pottery painting place. I picked up the completed this weekend, and I need to take a picture. Here it is before it was fired.
  3. I’m going crazy for bundt cakes right now! Here is a pumpkin bundt cake with a spiced cream cheese frosting.
  4. Mini bundt cakes of the same flavor
  5. Hair bows for my girls
  6. FINALLY Framed my cross stitches that I finished like 2-3 years ago

  7. More Hair bows

  8. Chore Charts for my kiddos. I printed them off and framed them and they hang in the hallway
  9. Loom bracelet for my Easter swap partner
  10. Bookmark and keychain for my Easter swap partner
  11. Sweatshirt I made for my daughter
  12. Lemon bundt cake for my sister’s birthday
  13. Apple cider donut bundt cake
  14. cat cross stitch I made for gozer
  15. Sweatshirt I made for gozer
  16. bracelet for gozer
  17. Some faux leather bookmarks
  18. faux leather keychain for gozer
  19. health potions I made for our D&D group
  20. charcuterie board for my d&d group

I have not updated my list in a long time as I have not made single posts for what I’ve made. But I did just make two posts that combined items, so they have been added to my list. Way over 50 items if counting each on it’s own. My list

I love seeing everyone’s projects. They give me such inspiration and more ideas!


I have made more progress on my list than I thought when I start editing my original “50 things” post :smiley:


I just updated my list with some swap items that have arrived at their destination.


Getting ready to move did, in fact derail my original plans for the year, but it has made me very motivated to knock out some WIPs so I don’t lose pieces in transit:

  1. Brown Latch Hook Rug

  2. Redwood Tote


They came to meee!! :smile: I love them!

The rug and bag are fabulous @fishstix43!

There’s such a lot of inspiring projects in this thread :smile:


We’re you able to snap a pic of your mug after it was fired? I’d love to see it!

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Yay! SO I know its March but I haven’t finished anything yet this year so its just like starting in January, right?! Happy 2022, friends. (((hugs)))3

working on a Ribbon Candy Shawl! :smiley:










Any time’s a good time to start! happy 2022 :smiley:

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