8 Layer Mandala

I need to get a frame, but it’s done.


WOW! That’s gorgeous! And it must’ve been a task to weed and pull off the mat.


It wasn’t too bad. This is about 11.5" so nothing super tiny. Nothing got stuck and surprisingly no rips!


That’s amazing! @bugaboo made me a cool sign that was several layers, so I can just imagine this one close up. I’m terrible with paper on the cricut. I get lots of tears. Glad this was pretty easy for you. Very nice.

It’s lovely!

That looks so cool!

I have a Cricut, but I’m too intimidated by it to even try it! It’s just gathering dust in my craft room. This looks absolutely GORGEOUS; you are a Cricut master!


Great colors.
Glad somebody mentioned cricut, because I didn’t have a clue how you’d done it.

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Lovely colors!

Wow!!! So pretty!

This is really pretty!