A Bunch of Plushies (So many pictures)

I’ve been sewing a bunch because plushies keep me sane. Here’s what I’ve made:
A vampire.

2 bunnies

A geeky t-rex

A Dunmer or “dark elf” from the Elder Scrolls games

I’ve actually made more, but these are my favorite. I got all the patterns, free and paid, from Choly Knight. She has a website and Etsy shop. Thanks for looking!


Ack! They’re all awesome…but the bunny plushies are extra awesome!

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These are super cool!

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The bunnies where my favorite. These are all very cool!

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FUN! The vampire is so great.

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Wow! These are awesome!!! I honestly can’t pick a fave, they’re all so cute! I’d love to see the others you’ve done, too.

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Ooooh, absolutely amazeballs, I love them all but I thiiiink my fave is your beautiful vampire lady! :purple_heart:

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Thanks everyone! I think I’m going to make Zelda from Loz:botw next.

These are darling! I especially love the dinosaur!

So cool! I’d love to hug that little dinosaur. :slight_smile:

Congrats! Your Bunch of Plushies are one of this week’s featured projects. Way to go!

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Sneato! Thanks very much for all the positive feedback on these!