A duo of sew together bags

Last year I made 2 sew together bags for a few different gifts.
The first one was for my aunt to give her “secret pal” at work, and she has an obsession with pugs. The fabric was left over from an apron I also made for her, as well as a few scraps from quilts. Her favorite color is green, so it made for the perfect outside with some sneaky little pugs in the pockets.

The second bag I made for my Quilt Guild’s annual holiday gift exchange. My goal was to use up fabric that i already had, which was a real struggle because all of my first instincts didn’t have enough yardage. With the final result, it ended up becoming the best one of these I made to date. Unlike the pug one, I didn’t use batting or quilt it, only interfacing. The zippers went in great, and as a quilter, zippers aren’t really my jam. This one had little sewing machines hidden inside the pockets. I REALLY wanted to keep it instead of gifting it, but the recipient was really excited she got it :slight_smile:

sew together bag pattern by SewDemented


Gorgeous work! I love the fun pocket linings. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

That is brilliant! I would die laughing if I unzipped a pouch and found pugs looking up at me. :rofl::rofl:

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Nice work! The flower lining on the second bag is so fun. :slight_smile:

Beautifully done! I love the hidden sewing machines.

Very nice! I love the green and black.

OMG the sneaky pugs are adorable! All are so well made, too!

Sew Together bags are so awesome! I love the sneaky hidden pugs and I just love the fabric from the inside pockets of the second one!

Oh gosh, so many zippers!

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I love the lining, the hidden secrets are fun, the colours are wonderful and your sewing is so neat! Love both bags!

Great work!!

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Your bags are beautifully made! I love those greens and the colors you chose to go with. One of my favorite things is a secret visual surprise, so your pugs and sewing machines tickled me especially.

Wonderful job! I love the pocket surprise.

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Every bit of these is stellar, and so fun! The recipients will love these!

These are wonderful! I kind of want one with Nicholas Cage’s face peering out at me. :laughing:

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I admire how precise and clean the execution is. But that green with the dogs are pushing me OVER!!! Awesome!!


These are great! I really like the fabrics you chose. :slight_smile:

They are such great pouches and I love the personal touches to them.

Beautiful! I love the creative choices crafting from stash forces us to make - with the navy/green one you’d never guess you didn’t start out with this exact combo in mind. The fabrics work so well together!

They are both really well done, I love the skilful work around the zippers :smiley: And I love the pugs, it’s perfect for any pug loving person.

Hmmm…, I’m in need of a new makeup bag. I may have to get this pattern! These are stellar!