A Gift for my Son - A dice bag for D&D

Now that son’s older (19!), it’s becoming harder and harder to come up with gifts that I can make for him. I like to make both of my kids a couple of handmade gifts for the holidays so I racked my brain a bit before landing on this project.

He’s very into playing D&D so I made him a dice bag from naugahyde. I’ve never worked with the stuff and ended up worrying for no reason. It sewed up like a dream!!

The bag is about 8" tall, stands on its own and is about 4" square at the base. He loves it!


This came out great! It will look right at home at any D&D night. :smiley:

It looks great. And it looks sturdy, like it will last him a long time.

It’s lovely! just what an adventurer needs.

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This is awesome, Bajita! I would love this at my table!

That looks really cool! Great job, and glad he likes it

What a lovely handmade item for your son.
I’m sure he will find it useful for years to come.

An excellent gift!! Bet his friends will all wish they had one too!!
You may need to make him more!!
All the people I know who play D&D and similar games end up collecting dice. My son has a bucket full of them.

@Harlan, actually, I did make bags for his friends. LoL!

I bought a half yard of naugahyde, expecting mistakes and redos, but didn’t have any issues. I knew I wouldn’t find a use for the rest of it so I made three more. He gave them to his buddies on their next game night. :grin:


It’s perfect! Now he has the most stylish dice bag!

Excellent!! Smart mom!!

Perfect gift, and it looks beautiful!

This is really cool! I like that it sort of looks like the hide of a mystical creature :slight_smile:

@Roots That’s what I thought when I found the nauga. :slight_smile:

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Dragon hide!!
(gosh, not sure what I should think of that. The name I’ve gone by the longest online is a type of dragon! :wink: )

Beautiful dice bag :slight_smile:

This is awesome! I love the texture of the bag. Perfect for D&D. My husband’s been trying to talk me into making a dice tray for his D&D games! I just can’t decide what to use to make it! This came out SUPER awesome!

@FrankenCher. I had the same debate between bag or tray. I decided he needed the bag more. LoL

I wouldn’t use the naugahyde for a tray though, too stiff.