A Marbled Pair of Hummingbirds

Last year, I experimented with marbling paper with acrylic paint and shaving cream. It went pretty well, so I thought I’d see if it would work on a flat 11x14 inch canvas. It did. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it so I let it dry out of sight and mind.

Today, I picked it back up and traced the outline of a hummingbird I’d cut out from my 2021 calendar.

I contemplated painting the birds black, but chose to keep them marbled instead.

That was the right choice!

Here’s an in-progress shot:


I love how those came out…gorgeous!

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So pretty!

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I was JUST plotting a shaving cream marbling project today! I love how this turned out. I like the idea of painting the negative space on top…I was watching a video where someone used a stencil and mask to form the shape that came out on the page, but the way you did it gives a lot more control and freedom to design however you want, as well as the option of paint color.

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That’s really cool! Yeah, as I was using my “stencil” and drawing it, I was thinking how much freedom I still had to decide. I can’t wait to see what you do!

I also think my acrylic painted thicker and less transparent since it had the marbled layer under.

They are just lovely!

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In that video, the person actually plopped the stencil down on top of the colorful shaving cream, and then pressed the paper on top of that – it worked for that person, but I am skeptical of whether I can pull clean prints in that way. Tracing seems like the better way to go unless you want a totally blank paper surface around the color.

That seems very unpredictable and very lucky. I bet the video was cool to see, but I doubt I could pull a clean print that way, either.

Very pretty!

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These are lovely. I love the colours in the marbelling

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Wow! I love the clean, modern design you got. Very striking; great technique!

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Thanks so much everyone!

So wonderful! I really like the colors you chose too.

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What a cool and creative technique!! It really makes a striking piece!!

And just for you, here’s a photo I took last week:


Wow! Cool to see one in winter!

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This is very pretty. I like the background black. I think if you did it the other way, it could come off as birds caught in a fire. No!!! Wise choice. Beautiful marbling.


You really made the most of the original marbling project!

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Ah, thanks so much!

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