A mechanical-wood-metal-something section in LettuceCraft?

Hey hello,
seems like there are a quite a few members with crafty partners. Some are handy with metal, with wood and others with all things mechanical or video/music etc
Maybe another category could be created to get some of the handy husbands on board?
Just an idea. Depends on what the other members have to say about it.


Maybe some extra tags in the functional/decorative category?


Sure, good idea. Thanks. CJ


I think what we’re asked to do is use the misc. tag in the appropriate category, then if there end up being enough similar projects a new tag will be created and applied afterwards to all those posts. I remember someone saying that will cut down on too many tags that aren’t used, reduce complication on the outset until it becomes obvious something is needed. Make sense?


Sounds like a plan to me Magpie. Thanks a bunch. CJ

I agree that a dedicated space for these projects could help cast a wider net for users. If we wait for the projects to come as justification for the tag, then I don’t think it will ever happen. Sort of a “if you build it, they will come,” deal. Of course, they may not come either way…

Food for thought. :thinking:


Yes! I was having a side conversation with a few LC members about this, but have been forgetting to post here in site feedback about it. A wood & metal crafts/build type board would absolutely widen our appeal to a broader Maker audience. Right now it seems like our craft categories tend towards the traditionally feminine crafts, and that crafts often considered more masculine aren’t really part of our makeup. Of course I know plenty of women who weld and build furniture, and men who knit and enjoy interior decorating, and I don’t believe any craft is or should be gendered. @Abbeeroad is right. If we only wait for folks to post those items before we make a Tag for them, they won’t post here, since there is no space for them already. If we make it, they will come.

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Yes, this is what we’re doing! :blush: @kittykill and I review, move, assign, add, discuss, etc. tags weekly. We review and respond to projects that are currently being posted, suggestions, and/or researching back on Cster to see if child board or tag was mid-growth when access was closed.

We actually did use this model in our old home, which is why we had so many child boards (soooo many). Of course, hindsight is 20/20, and we learned we probably jumped too fast to add too much in the very early days. Lots of child boards died off pretty quickly, and it was even harder to disband them and move the topics to new categories thereafter. We found that it actually gave new members way too many options, which got cumbersome and confusing, especially to newbies. It’s like being handed an 8-page menu + a specials menu + a cocktail instead of a simple 2-page menu. :weary:

For our initial LC tags, I referenced past Cster feedback emails, trending DIY topics, traffic statistics to our old child boards & tags, sponsor opportunities based on my old Cster contacts, and feedback from admins of other successful (present day) communities. I created a spreadsheet. It was a whole thing. :laughing: That produced our initial tag set and we’re just building & adjusting to the community response from there.

Long, but I hope that makes sense. Sometimes I think it helps to share the background.


Thank you for the suggestions, CraftyJedi! We’re definitely watching for projects in these categories. Selfishly, I would personally love to see more woodworking projects, specifically. :heart_eyes:

We had quite a few requests for a music board on our old site, so I added the tag here when we opened, but sadly, no projects have been added to it yet.

LOL…I will not underestimate the power of the spreadsheet. :wink:


This is a fairly common theme across the entire spectrum of varying forum groups, heh. Well, one thing is certain, the site is still fairly new (enough). So, if it does crop up that more would be useful, well, hopefully, it wouldn’t be too daunting of a task to move the appropriate ones around…

Now with that said, I do think a “Construction” or “Wood working” board would be prudent, (AAaahahaha! ::slapknee:: of course I would, heh!), but only because there is sooooo much to wood working. Pyrography, plans, models, jigs, differing attachment devices such as screws, nails, tacks, glues, etc.

Now that’s just me, heh. I have no idea how convoluted/confounding/wasteful/(insert a word you like here) it was on the other site as I had only just begun to “learn” it when it gone poof.

Thanks everyone for joining in and brainstorming along. Starting a new category would be great. Of course, we have to be realistic, it’s not because we make a new one that all of a sudden LC will be flooded with woodworky or mechanical things but hey, the door is open to people thinking about joining up but not finding their favourite crafty category. Yeah!

I have been planning a very complex & detailed automata for a while now. I also previously proposed a kaleidoscope swap/craftalong. There is interest for sure.

You have my attention. :eyes:

I am working on automata also!