Accessories in seeds

What do you think of the accessories made with different seeds and other ecological materials?

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Do you mean aesthetically or environmentally? As long as they are sustainable and the process of making things ensures that the items don’t disintegrate or attract insects (I once had a macaroni bracelet the kids made get pantry moths…not quite the same thing but organic). And sometimes the material used to insure they don’t degrade are bad for the environment and the creator/wearer.

Jewelry, necklaces, bracelets have been made from natural things for as long as humans and probably pre-humans have been making things. They are usually beautiful.

Is this what you were asking/


if more towards the aesthetic part, for example necklaces made with melon seeds or coffee beans, where each one goes through a drying and painting process, in the case of melon seeds. Would you buy this type of product?

Once I soaked coffee beans until they were tender and then strung them on a necklace with a sewing needle. Or maybe I just strang them dry? I don’t remember. It was a really long time 3.

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For the necklaces we use the raw seed and toast it, then a hole is made to later insert the thread.

Several years ago, I bought some pins made with watermelon seeds. I loved them and I would love to find them again. I gave 2 of them away and I have 2 more that I can’t find… :disappointed:

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