Advanced Tutorial - Polls Issue

I’m doing the advanced tutorial, and Discobot has told me to make a poll, but when I try, I get an error message saying “You are not allowed to create Polls”. I tried again, pasting in Discobot’s poll text, but got the same error message. I’m not sure if there is a mismatch between Discobot’s tasks and my permission levels or something, but I thought I’d let you know.

Thank you!

This is probably the case. I’ve modified quite a bit from the default, so I will hop in there and modify the text as well.

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I tried the same tutorial last week and it gave me the same response. I sent a message to have it looked at but don’t know the status.


Ah, it’s already on my list then. Thank you!

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This is has been repaired! :slight_smile: Thank you for reporting!

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