Advice for shaping a crochet pattern that has none?

I have made some progress on the tunic for my sister, however, even after reading the pattern, I have finally realised that I am starting at the bottom, but the size guide is based on bust.

Sorry, not a great photo, I’m on the bus.

My sister is more pear shaped than the model in the pattern picture and although the bottom is angled which would have some stretch/give, I don’t think it will fit (she is approx 3 sizes bigger in hip/seat). The pattern is basically a tube, so the width doesn’t change.

I am thinking of frogging it back to where I stopped increasing (only a few hours work :confounded:) to match the hip size and then figuring out some kind of decrease so it’s not a sack up top?

Any other suggestions? I’d be sad to not use the pattern, because I have been coveting it for my sister for a while now, but if I have to, I could find something else.


@Tea was responding at the same time as me and basically said my thoughts.

You aren’t starting at the bottom but one shoulder. I didn’t read everything but it appears Section 3 is where you build the width and where you’d make changes to fit your sister.


Thankyou for your help in my panicked state. I thought it was top down and then I couldn’t make sense of it. I forgot there was a video.

At work I am always the one who knows the answer and always on top of things. Why can’t I be like that in my real life?


I am almost complete. It was my sister’s birthday yesterday, but its been smokey and rainy oitside for the last few days so I haven’t been able to wash and block it.

The shaping was quite an effort and I am hoping that it will look ok when I block it. I feel like I have made it twice over with the miscounting and frogging. :crazy_face:

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