Advice for shaping a crochet pattern that has none?

I have made some progress on the tunic for my sister, however, even after reading the pattern, I have finally realised that I am starting at the bottom, but the size guide is based on bust.

Sorry, not a great photo, I’m on the bus.

My sister is more pear shaped than the model in the pattern picture and although the bottom is angled which would have some stretch/give, I don’t think it will fit (she is approx 3 sizes bigger in hip/seat). The pattern is basically a tube, so the width doesn’t change.

I am thinking of frogging it back to where I stopped increasing (only a few hours work :confounded:) to match the hip size and then figuring out some kind of decrease so it’s not a sack up top?

Any other suggestions? I’d be sad to not use the pattern, because I have been coveting it for my sister for a while now, but if I have to, I could find something else.

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Mel, is the pattern you are working from the same as the one for free on her website? Because the pattern instructions there say: “The design starts out as two triangles, which are then joined together. Then the tunic continues to grow from there. …”
“Section 1 - 1st Triangle. The pattern begins at one shoulder. …”

1st triangle will be, depending on arm circumference, from 15 to 21 rows before binding off.
2nd triangle is a mirror image of the first, not a straight copy of it, again, from 15 to 21 rows before binding off.
I’m reading the pattern through because everything the designer has written indicates it’s worked top down, but I do find her instructions confusing.
Okay, spent half an hour trying to figure this out - I was thinking of making this myself - everything still points to it being worked top down.
Here’s a link to her video which helps significantly, at least for me, to understand.

Because it’s top down, you can most likely do as you were going to and increase as you work the body of it.
I appreciate the opportunity to learn more about this pattern, Mel, I’m not going to go ahead with it.
I really hope that helps. :heart:

Edit: Also, in case it has any bearing on the stitches used - the pattern is in US terminology which is different from Australian & UK terminology. I expect you already know this, but sometimes we forget when blithely crocheting along in our groove.


@Tea was responding at the same time as me and basically said my thoughts.

You aren’t starting at the bottom but one shoulder. I didn’t read everything but it appears Section 3 is where you build the width and where you’d make changes to fit your sister.


Thankyou for your help in my panicked state. I thought it was top down and then I couldn’t make sense of it. I forgot there was a video.

At work I am always the one who knows the answer and always on top of things. Why can’t I be like that in my real life?