Alice tea towels

I made these for @kittykill in the Common Grounds swap. The first one I made was this:

If you can see the bottom left- the big purple splotch… :cry: My normal klutzy nature reared its ugly head and so I figured some embellishment was in order- hence the all over paint splotches. I wasn’t super thrilled with the results. But I sent it anyway- a tea towel is a tea towel, after all…

But to make up for my slip-up, I made a second towel and I like this one SO MUCH! :star_struck: I may need to make one for myself, but in my kitchen colors of black red and gray!

Thanks for looking!


These are fabulous! I love the ombré effect on the first one, and like how you printed over the painted bottle on the second one.



Nice save…love them both!

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Very nice! I really like the bottle on the second one!

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Thanks everyone!

They’re both fabulous! I love the color changes.

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Thanks, guys!

They’re both great! I think the “splotches” fit the topsy turvy world of Alice wonderfully!


Ha! I guess they do! Lol!

Thanks! :blush:

These are so pretty. I love the blending and colors on them.

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Thank you!! :heart:

Thank you! And welcome!!

I like the splotches on the first one, it definitely makes a plain tea towel more interesting!

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The designs are so pretty! I’m not sure if you said over in the gallery or not, what technique did you use to make them?

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They are stenciled and painted on the towels.

Thanks for the kind words everyone!!

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