Amabie Hoop

I just completed yet another year of Gish, that ridiculous annual scavenger hunt hosted by Misha Collins. This year, one of the (well over 200) items on the hunt list was submitted by me!

#69: Let’s Tulpa COVID out of existence. Create your own artistic version of the Amabie, a Japanese monster said to cure disease if a picture of it is displayed. You may use any medium. - Laura B

I’d been wanting an excuse to make this thing for ages, but so many swaps and masks and WIPs have kept me from actually sitting down and doing it, so I was thrilled that Gish used this and motivated me to finally make my own Amabie! By the way, sometime if you’re bored, check out the amabie (or アマビエ if you wanna copy/paste the Japanese) tag on Instagram for tons of other people’s amazing creations! It’s been trending in Japan since February and some people have made some AMAZING stuff!

Anyway, I spent several days working on mine, and finally came up with this hoop:

I tried taking it with a few different backgrounds, but ended up using the first one (on a red canoe) for my Gish submission. And now I have some fun wall art for myself! And by showing this Amabie to you, I am doing my part to help stop the pandemic but sharing images of this particular youkai. :slight_smile: (I mean, I’m mostly doing my part by making and donating masks, but this is fun too!)


I’ve never heard of Amabie before this, but I love your finished product!

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Your detail on the hair is amazing, looks so good. Thanks for sharing the hashtag, I will check it out :smile:


Love the background with your bright colors…interesting piece and congrats on having it chosen in the Scavenger Hunt, that you explained in another post!

Glad you were able to create something fun and protective for yourself and your family amidst the mask-making!

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Love the hair!!! The patchwork mermaid tail is pretty awesome, too!!

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Great idea for a GISH hunt item. Cute version, too!

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What a cool idea and a very neat piece! I love the 3-D hair/elements.

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I really like your rendition of the Amabie. Especially the patchwork scales. :slight_smile:

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