Animal Silhouette with Tutorial

I made a thing! If you want to make one too, it’s pretty simple.

Start with an 8" by 11" of your favorite animal and a piece of cardboard a little bit bigger. I used fairly thin cardboard and you can use whatever kind you have but it gets rough cutting it out.

Next, cut your silhouette out of your 8" by 11" and make markings for whiskers or fur on your cardboard. I plan on adding whiskers when I’m done, so I just added some fur in spots. Think of tracing a pattern piece and all the markings you need to transfer over. And make a border around your outline. I used the thickness of my ruler, which is about an inch, but thicker is fine.

Now grab something to cut with and start trimming away the excess cardboard. I used scissors and a rotary cutter, but an exacto would probably be easier.

Then you’ll want to add some paint so everything looks uniform and you can cover up any stray marks you have leftover from cutting. I used Krylon enamel paint but I’m sure the cheap $2 stuff works just as well. I preferred black because it matches my room, but any color will do. Be sure to spray somewhere it won’t matter! I sprayed on blacktop and then moved the silhouette to my gross chair to dry.

Finally, add some string to the back and hang!* My sides are a little wavy but it looks close enough!

*I added my whiskers at this step as well (elastic string punched through to the back and taped)


Neat! What a smart idea. I may have to try it with my monsters.

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This is so cute, thank you for sharing!

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How cute is that!! and very little cost too. Great to show that cool creative stuff doesn’t have to cost a lot of money!

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What a surprise! My cats are black so these would look exactly like them…if only I could get them to sit still long enough for a picture!

Nice job adding the whiskers…


This is cute!

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That’s cute :smiley:

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