Applique Music Initial Bags

I made these bags months ago for a swap. They went to a mother and daughter that both enjoy musical theater. I’m a big theater nerd myself so I wanted to include that somehow. After many sketches I came up with the music note initials and went with it!

I used their favorite colors for each bag. Here is a picture with the lining folded over so you can see the color combos I used:

Made from a variety of linen and upholstery materials.

I machine stitched the edges of the appliques. Here is a closeup of the initials:

Thanks for looking! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, what a clever idea! Love the fabric combos you chose.

Those are cute!

Using notes in their names is really clever :smiley: They are both really cute bags

Clever and cute design!

They are really nice and I like how they are a theme but so different from each other.

Creative “font” that you designed! Great bags!

I love these! Adorable <3

Thanks everyone! It was fun to create these letters :smile: