April Showers Bring May Flowers

The theme for the April Stitchalong was to show the beautiful side of “bad” weather.

I saw an image on the internet of simple rain puddles. While I loved the image, I am not a very precise stitcher and need more practice making straight, even stitches. I tried, but I really was not in love with the piece.

But, when I saw the hoop upside down, I got the idea to transform it into something I would like better…

May Flowers!

I just covered the white stitching with my more wonky stitches.

Thanks for looking!


I love it! The first iteration is so striking, then the transformation is simply incredible! Just goes to show, if you’re not happy with something -just keep crafting until you get to a state you do like. Very cool!


I’ve adopted a lot of mottos, but the one I keep going with is from one of my art classes…everything is fixable! Purposeful adjustments…lol

I’m so glad you gave this its own thread. The puddles were beautiful in their simplicity, but the transformation is stunning!

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It’s beautiful both ways, and has a nice symbology to it, too, with the April showers eventually yielding the flowers. So pretty and colorful!


I found the first piece quite striking, but I am glad you were able to reimagine it into something also striking that you really like!

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This is such a fun transformation! I feel like it is so you too!

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Linda, I love this !!!

As I was reading your post, I thought, just turn it over, then I saw you had done just that but I gasped when I saw the final product.

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This is fantastic! I love how you were inspired to change something you were less than satisfied with into something beautiful that makes you happy.

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I gave this hoop to my friend and massage therapist. She has a very colorful home and loves to display handcrafted items.

I have another idea for flowers and a larger hoop, but that will have to wait until I get more orange thread.

Thanks, everyone…I am constantly inspired to try new things and see things in a different way!

I love that you turned rain into flowers! What a striking difference between the black and the colorful flowers. So pretty!