Art Journal Frenzy (somewhat pic heavy)

Here are some pages that I made, all in the same day, a couple days ago. I like how they turned out!

This one used a card I altered on a journal with black paper.

Here I used images and text from a free magazine. It was printed on more newsprint-style paper rather than shiny magazine paper, which was nice since the newsprint is matte and easy to work on top of.

Here I used an image and poem from an ad in the aforementioned free magazine.

A simple collage one I made in my other journal (with white pages). I alternated between the journals during my frenzy, so I was able to do art in one while the other was drying.

A quick doodle.

A bit of introspection. Growing older is a source of freedom, for sure, but I think most people have at least a little fear of it.

I was thinking about how healing nature is. It can be so helpful to just go for a walk outside.

It’s been a while since I was last on LC, but it’s nice to come back!


I like your composition! Art journaling can be so therapeutic (at least for me) :heart: Nice job!

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Thank you! Art journaling is very therapeutic for me, too.

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Welcome back! You should check out our art journaling craftalong…we even have ZOOM lessons and meetings now…I have learned a lot of new techniques and it is so fun to see how each of us can do the same lesson and come up with different ideas and styles…

Love how you journal both your mind and your heart…I especially love all the different thoughts that you have as your journal…thanks for sharing!

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Love the first spread especially! Been wondering where you went. Glad to see you!

Seconding a shout out to the Art Journal Craftalong. Check it out!


fun pages! I esp like the one with teal striped washi and butterfly.

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WOW! That’s a whole lot of awesome in one day!


You were in a frenzy! I like the first one best. It reminds me of trees and I like the colors.

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The black and white stripes with the yellow is really eye catching. That’s my favorite one. :heart_eyes: