Art Journaling Craftalong

In all of our Zoom meet ups, we all did many of those techniques on paper…I am doing the art classes on plain old lined composition paper…once dry, the paper stiffens up and is perfect for things like masterboards, ATCs, notecards, etc.

You should watch the video on when to use gesso, gel, etc. Some are used to protect pieces, others to allow markers and inks, etc. I think that link is in the paper craftalong from last year?

I use tons of spray bottles of water and liquid inks as well…I like the drips and smears…also, you need to see what coloring things react with water and which don’t…stamp inks as well…and what alcohol wipes will smear off stuff and what won’t…I have markers that are permanent and some that will drip with water…it is a learning process…

I also don’t have tons of wall space, so I use the pieces we do for backgrounds…ATCs and notecards, mostly!

Our scribbles!

Ruby would have kept going and going. I think I need to prep some pages so she can have her own scribble journal.


lol I mean this in the kindness way…both artists did well…I can’t tell which is which…lol

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We both worked on both pages. :smiley: I frequently went over her scribbles with my own to spread them out a bit. She has a heavy hand. :laughing:

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Somebody explain this scribbling thing to me? I saw it and liked it so added some to a thing last night but no idea where it’s coming from…

It’s the first day of Alisa Burke’s online class “chasing freedom.” I posted it here a while ago and several of us signed up! Today’s class/prompt is “one line.”

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Ok, cool! The scribbles are so neat-o looking.

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Here’s my “one line” page. I had a lot of fun with this one and didn’t want to stop!


Okay, that’s way cooler than mine! But I made up for it in quantity…

The lighting is bad, but the colors are slightly truer than in the other photo I took.


I had a supervisor today while I was laying down some watercolor backgrounds


Nice! I haven’t been brave enough to try watercolor yet.

I really couldn’t stop today so I turned my scribble page into a background. I thought I ruined it for a while but ended up ok with it.


That is miraculous! The background is perfect for the embellishment. Just perfect.


Very cool! I like how whatever you do, something will speak to you…looks like it was made for that background for sure!


This looks perfectly intentional. And the red bleeding from right onto left is just brills.

I would not be able to resist some kind of nod to a head/brain on the left. (The head and the heart)

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Oooooo! I LOVE that! :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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so deep… :laughing: brain exploding…

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So, while I’m totally loving the Chasing Freedom classes, I feel like all I’m doing is making backgrounds. I feel like I need a “companion” series to finish these pages. Though maybe she’ll layer techniques on top of these later? To cover or not to cover…:thinking:

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I know what you mean, I’m not doing that class series but once you’ve got a masterboard cut up, what then? I’m not a fan or script over art most of the time so I use them for card fronts. I did make some 4X6 pieces for the current swap and one seems to need some thing more… what to do about that? What are you thinking Abbee, got any ideas?

She says in her welcome that they will be used later for layering techniques…I also want to “finish” them, but am just leaving them for now

Oh, clearly, I did not watch the welcome. :see_no_evil: Whoops. Thank you!

@Magpie I had no ideas at all! I need the prompts to push me!

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