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I am tackling my stamps today…just have to find another binder…my art supplies are burgeoning, thanks to cough cough @ geekgirl and this thread…lol


Great idea! I need to do this with mine too.

I had clear stamps in a binder too but it took up so much room, I am just stacking them in a clear drawer unit now. They don’t need as much careful storage as stencils. And I don’t have loads of them either, maybe if I did it would be helpful for them to be easily sorted through. I have a couple wood mounted rubber stamps that are my go-tos, the rest of the marks I usually make are with random objects.


Yeah…I am rethinking the binder idea because it would make the binder quite heavy as well…I have block stamps in a basket with the ones I use the most in a smaller basket on top…

I found a couple of clear accordian files that were intended for coupons…I am going to see if maybe I can use them.

Yeah, she is more of a paper crafter and has A LOT more stamps than I do.

Oooo…accordion folders are a great idea @AIMR.

A strong sort of zipper bag or plastic sleeve with hook clips so they can be stored on a peg, that way they could be quickly look through like clothes hanging in a closet. Or @curiousfae had a standing thing she was using for ATC’s that had little hooks on a round bar.

I had a three tiered one of those and gave it away…I even bought a ton of extra clips for it…I never hooked anything back up and it was too fiddly for me to open and close the bags…they must be popular because I took it to the Creative Re-use and was snatched up immediately!

I mostly use the stamps in sets with a few I use over and over for the art journaling…they are not as fragile as the stencils…going to play around with a few ideas…killing time today while I wait for our tv to be delivered and set up…

I love the splatter technique! looks great.

This is gorgeous!

This looks awesome!


I did a bit of art journaling last week. I did this video. it’s by the same woman as the Dos and Don’ts video I posted. She has “formulas” for her art journal spreads. she talks you through the process the whole way.

This is mine

Then I followed another video by Maremi Smallart. I like her but she is a talker. I fast forwarded a lot.

And then for this page I didn’t follow a video. but used some techniques we’ve done in past videos. I wanted to try out my new supplies.
I got multiple colors of stabilo ALL pencils. They are supposed to write on paper, glass, plastic, and metal.

And some derwent paint liner markers.

the yellow triangles and the purple bumps outlined in yellow are all pencil. the yellow bumps and the blue lines are the derwent paint pens


On the last art journaling zoom we talked about doing the video again but this time concentrating on just the face.

So the plan is we will start at 18:21 and spend time on the face itself.
You can use plain paper or make a background ahead of time and let it dry completely. I will probably do a very simplified background without tons of layers.

The question is:
Do you prefer this Sunday (April 11) at 2pm Eastern time
or the following Sunday (April 18) at 2pm Eastern time

  • April 11
  • April 18

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WOW! Beautiful pages!!

Your pages are wonderful Carlee! Amazing depth in your layering :butterfly: :cherry_blossom:

I am happy with either date, will definitely be there!

The last page has so much depth…I like those new pencils and markers that I don’t need… :slight_smile:

This last spread is FANTASTIC and so deep. I’m so surprised by the saturation you were able to get with the yellow on those dark colors.

Yum. MO.

Gorgeous colours and textures. The shapes and lines in the last one really pop and look so cool.

Sorry I can’t make the Zoom, but hope to still do the video and share. I definitely need to get more supplies!


Here’s my face from today.


Love the way you did her hair…

Yes! The hair is awesome and I love the green. She’s like a tree nymph!

Here’s mine from today. I definitely went off the rails lol but I really enjoyed more face/eye practice. I just added the lettering to the facing page, which was from Alisa Burke’s exercises.


Thanks for this morning @geekgirl! Your face looks brilliant, the greens are beautiful and I think the complementary pink in the background and hair really enhances and brightens the green. The eye is expressive!

I love how you did yours upside down @Abbeeroad! The texture in the hair has so much energy and the shading around and in the eyes is great. And I adore the facing page too, it looks fantastic!

Here is mine from this morning, it turned into a sea nymph/siren.

I experimented with the eyelashes like in the video - I don’t love them, but hey, it’s just a piece of paper.

I really appreciate having these art sessions with you all. I spend a lot of time unable to decide what to make, and wasting time, which is quite frustrating. Something about having a topic, a time limit, and (best of all) some happy company really helps me to try new things and enjoy making make stuff.


Yes! She really looks sea swept! Love it.

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