Art Journaling Craftalong

I’m so glad you jumped in! It’s been fun watching your progress.

For anyone else out there sitting on the fence - you should join in on the next zoom!

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I would love to but I work until 5 central time :pensive:

usually the art journal zooms are on a sunday afternoon.

it’s the general zooms that are at 4 Eastern. Mostly cause it fits really well into my schedule :slight_smile: and so international peeps can make it.


I remember you joining! So much fun, right?

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Ooh, maybe I can make it sometime. The weekend is when we do all the chores & shopping but it’s a flexible schedule…

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Same here. My husband knows on art journal zoom days he’s on his own. Maybe we should zoom every week… :joy:

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Jim goes to drum circle on Tuesdays so I usually take care of dinner so he can get out the door in time…so, on the occasional Sunday, he cooks or we agree to eat leftovers…I am not missing Art Journal Zoom if I can help it!

BTW, Jenn…it was great seeing the project your partner did…does he have a wood workshop where he does this? It was beautiful and so precise!


You should have seen how much he was grinning when I read him your message :smiley: He’s been slowly building out a wood shop in half of our garage the last few years but it’s really been coming together since COVID hit. As with all of us, he’d love to have more space.


After @Smmarrt posted about Junk Journal July, I went down a massive junk journal YouTube rabbit hole. And then stayed there, until I finally cracked open my Nancy Drew Ex Libris journal last night.

All these bits were salvaged from happy/swap mail envelopes. So it’s only self-centered on the surface; really, it’s all about you all :laughing:. And now I’m over that first-page hump. (But hold me accountable to keep working in it.)


I have pages in my collection journal with all of my name tags (see above), and I collect “S” things, too.

It is all about you!

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I really love these journal page collections. They seem happy and cheery to me.

I thought you guys might like you see some of the fabric I had made. It’s from from some of the journalling craftalong pages that I did over zoom with you lovely people.

Turns out making your own fabric is really straightforward. I added photos I took and some other bits of art, more pix are here Fabric designs from art journaling pages


Before I post this lady, I just want to say she’s pretty emphatic over her feelings over glue vs. junk. But, I DID really love to hear about how terms have morphed to come to be different things than originally intended.

Right after gg got me hooked on journaling I fell down a black hole, and here is one persons’ position on the different types. Although I don’t 100% agree with her, but she did come immediately to mind when I saw the discussion.


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I did like her rolling eyes when she felt she was stating the obvious… :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I honestly think I just do a mash up of all of those, so not sure what to call any of it…perhaps MY JOURNAL will suffice! lol


I’m a big eye roller - have really had to be mindful of this over the pandemic with video calls. I do not have a poker face! :rofl: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:

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Oh wow, I’ve watched some of Jennibellie’s videos but this one really turned me off. Yuck. Like… Why is there a need for so many distinctions, and such passionate beliefs about them? I think the more techniques we try the more we may combine, so it all just becomes “journaling” at some point, and what you choose to call yours should be up to you (not have to adhere to certain “rules”). I also LOL’d because she was like “This page in my junk journal was literal junk - scrap paper I used to protect my desk that I just blot on” (and there were all kinds of intricate designs drawn on the sample “desk protection paper” she showed - sure you’re just blotting. And drawing circles, and making patterns… But OK, that’s JUNK, versus other paper that you do the exact same thing to, pulled from your stash.) Ugh. ok sorry I had to get that off my chest /rant :grin:


Yes, I used to be a follower of hers but her ideas were just too precise and I felt I was doing all the wrong things.

Learn, try, ponder, repeat, make it your own.


Here’s an in-progress page, Alisa Burke-style.

This is the standard size composition book, not the mini, that I started as a doodle book for my mom. I ripped out half the pages. But it was too tempting to try it out myself!

The stars are cookie cutters I found at Goodwill stamped with white acrylic ink. And I colored some of the stars in using alcohol markers.


LOL! I also stick mine in a little pile on the edge of the sink! I had a roommate who stuck them onto the side of the fridge… it was a major pain to pick them all off when it came time to move! Sticking them in a journal is a great idea!

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I knew a girl who just covered the wooden banana hanger with fruit stickers. Looked cool and seemed appropriate.
Love the stars @Smmarrt .
@Edel I can’t get over that fabric.
@megwell how cool to save your name from mail, that is such a nice idea.


I too am down a the Junk Journal youtube rabbit hole, and of course hip deep in the midst of learning to make them myself! I am loving working on them but it is overwhelming with how much can go into them and all the things that you can do. I am almost done making my 4th one (another gift that will be going out) and then I am set on making myself one. I love @Smmarrt’s glue book/ junk journal / whatever journal! Your pages are SO satisfying to look at and it really illustrates that an art journal can and should be anything!

@Cyn-energy I am with you on the whole ‘label’ issues that seems to be in the junk journal/ glue book / art journal debate that I see popping up here and there. 'Cos honestly, who cares! It is your journal, make what you want with it.

The one thing that I am not a fan of is that a lot of the junk journal tutorials seem to highlight making ‘junk journals’ using “printables”. For me personally, I feel like that defeats the whole point of creating something that is your own art or collage or fodder (another reason I am thinking about taking the fodder class that was being talked about in another thread).