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@geekgirl That looks so fabulous! The way you framed the eyes looks amazing and the white space really leads the eye around the page!

@photojenn Your page is super cool - the collaged doodles and strong black and white graphics are powerful!

@JoyfulClover This makes me happy to look at! the strong shapes are so lively and the expression in the bird’s eyes gives it so much personality! and the orange is a brilliant addition too

@AIMR I love this - the colours are so pretty, but also have lots of energy with the strong black and white textures! I think you’re right about the splatters unifying the surface too

@Edel I can’t believe how much depth you’ve got in this page! It’s so rich and textured, and I love the way you framed the quieter space in the middle!

@Abbeeroad It looks fantastic - the eyes looking up and the added lashes are so expressive! and the balance between strong shapes and colours and white space is great! Your little one’s creative page is just the sweetest :grinning:


You guys are all so awesome and welcoming and encouraging to each other. Love the vibe here. :star_struck:

I may have purchased some more stamps, stencils, and posca pens with the last of my Xmas gift card and my Michaels rewards…ready for more! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Added a sentiment to mine but resisted the urge to go back in with more paint or (for now) doodles.


same! i am ready for another one!


@megwell i love the colors in this piece. they really stand out with the black and white,

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Fantastic! your collaged arrangement works so well with the strong contrasts and the variations in scale - I love the colour scheme too!

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I like it a lot! Reminds me a bit of urban grafiti! The words add the edgey…

I got my gesso today…no more brush dipping, I learned my lesson not to be so lazy and careless! Nasty stuff when it goes bad! lol

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I really like the geometric feel to it. and the bold colors.

I love your circle and triangle doodles! The heart/brain images are pretty cool, too.

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I have been resisting coming over to peek at what everyone made because I haven’t done mine yet (but… I am so close to being caught up, and if the grading program hadn’t crashed this afternoon, I might have finished today). Since I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s motivating me.

I have mentally planned out my page, so hopefully I can make it look like what is in my head!


I made some fabric stamps using the video @Smmarrt posted! I figure if I start using up my scraps, I will feel less intimidated by my hoarding, er, collecting…I’ll embellish them more depending on where I use them…I hate throwing out any linen scrap, so that is what I used mostly…the gold is some velveteen from a favorite couch reupholstered in 1989!


they look great!

Awesome! Looks like you used some gelli prints (bottom 3 blues)? Love the personalization.

I have received so many wonderful things in swaps that I keep in a box on the shelf…I can’t throw away the tiniest piece of these lovelies, so yes, it is probably something someone else sent me!

I am always looking to make things with everything I get…


These are fantastic!

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I love the black stitching on them!

Good call out, cADDc! I completely agree!

Here is what came out of my trying the video from the Zoom call I missed:

Too much going on, even with white space. I kept messing with it and am still not quite comfortable with it, but that’s fair; it came out of a very strange week!

A second try, which feels more zen, using a calendar page of a polar bear in the snow as the base:


I love that polar bear part!

They both have different “feels” to them…the first one, obviously, is a message and you feel it…strong, determined, hectic, etc.

The polar bear is so cute and just seems more calm and fun…you incorporated him well…