Astilbe and Wool Wreath

I’m on a bit of a mountain goat wool kick. I found this huge tuft on a hike and I couldn’t resist bringing it home. It had a bunch of leaves and plant material in it and it dawned on me I could use it in a wreath. Everything was found/on hand: wreath form was in my basement, astilbe was in the garden, and the wool collected on a hike.

I’m really pleased with how it turned out. I worried it might look hokey, but I actually love it!


I think it looks great! Very wintery mountainy.

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I love all the natural materials. This is just lovely.

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Oh, yeah! Not the least bit hokey. Looks very nice!

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Really nice and natural.

Hmmm. I could make a wreath from wild items found here…
Cholla cactus skeletons for the base, a cluster of pincushion cacti, and a shed snakeskin bow.
Be cute but might scare people away.


Thank you all for the compliments! :blush:

@steiconi I think your wild found items wreath sounds great! Wouldn’t scare me away

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It is lovely beyond belief you found the tuft, brought it home, and made this organic little symphony.

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That is so lovely. The organic symmetry is simply enchanting, I adore it.
I like the idea of making seasonal wreaths that can be given back to nature at the quarterly changes. The birds would make good use of this come spring and it could be replaced with something fresh and green.

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