ATC Trio Swap - June - Gallery

Received from thanate today! The middle one is my absolute favorite :slight_smile: Thank you!


Here are the ATCs that @toadiscrafty made for me.

My favorite is the sunset one!! Thank you, @toadiscrafty!!!


Great cards, everyone! :smiley:

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I received my cards from @curiousfae !

She went with my bird theme for these cards, specifically bluebirds! :bird: :blue_heart:

I love this adorable little guy!

A beautifully done quote about bluebirds — she said this is an excerpt from a poem by Bukowski.

And a neat-o 3D card with another sweet little birdie. :slight_smile: It’s hard to see in my photo, but the text and bird both sit up off of the background.

They’re all great and I enjoyed swapping cards with you! thank you so much! :blush:


Oh, these are phenomenal!


How wonderful are those birds?!!

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Awesome cards!

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The birds are so well done and I’ve always been a fan of @curiousfae’s calligraphy!


so nice! thank you :relaxed:


Gozer and I did a little mini swap of one card. I got this amazing octopus. Lazy dog in the background for extra points. :slight_smile:


I raced to the mailbox and sure enough, my personal swap with gozer arrived.
“Balancing Act” for my theme “whimsical circus”

She is so cute!!


Super cute cards, @gozer!

I’m falling behind in commenting! :stuck_out_tongue:

@GeekyBookworm that first dragon is adorable! I love that little smile :slight_smile: and the future tech card is super fun to look at, so many details!

@thanate beautiful as always! I love the colors you chose for those cards

@toadiscrafty I love the background of that dragon card and I agree that the sunset is beautiful

@curiousfae I love your lettering!!! Makes me so jealous :stuck_out_tongue: Someday I will try to learn how to do that too! Lovely birds also :slight_smile:

And @gozer Such fun cards! I love your style! I’m in awe of anyone that can draw well, especially on something as small as an ATC :smile:

Can’t wait to see more! :grin:

I am sorry I have been awol… life has me.not.knowing of i am.comong or going. I just bought a house… that needs some love… we have a self imposed deadline of August 1st to be moved so I dont have to pay rent again… did I mention surgery this month? With extra mandatory days at work… i leave at 5:30 am… and get home about 11… all are excuses…
I have mailed my swaps… indid not e em realize the deadline was here already!!!
I received some great cards…but cannot post them from my phone. Not sure why it won’t let me.

@Kwality570, I love your set from @artsycandice! She did an awesome job incorporating so many of your themes- so clever! I think the dinosaur is my favorite, but they’re all super cute! I really like how they all stand on their own, but make a fantastic set.

@gozer, I literally laughed out loud when I saw your card from @artsycandice! So funny! The little boy’s face is (Fisher) Priceless! How many cards do you have in this theme- I’d love to see them all together!

@curiousfae, while I have never seen Bob’s Burgers (I might have to remedy that), but I’ve seen enough references to recognize the characters and @bluebird did an amazing job with the mashup (I love the Tina with the Pearl Earring!!). What a fun theme, and I agree with what others said, I might have to add a mashup to my list in the future!

@thanate, what a lovely set of cards from @pioneer9! They make me long for the forest! I think the mushroom one is my favorite.

@toadiscrafty, @GeekyBookworm did a great job with your dragon theme! And, I like how she blended a vintage photo with a flying car. So fun!

@roler, @Reinikka got you off to a fantastic start on your ATC collection! I really like how she incorporated a variety of elements into her cards. I think the octopus is my favorite, but Pusheen is a close second (and the owl duo is right behind)!

@pioneer9, your set from @thanate is so cool! I love that she made them with fabric! I really like the subtlety of the tone on tone cards (the crows/ravens are so cool!). Such a neat style!

@GeekyBookworm, I like how varied the set from @toadiscrafty is! So fun that you got a dragon, too! I like the composition on the sunset card, too!

@bluebird, how fun that @curiousfae made your bluebird cards! I love how different they are, and yet how well they go together. I’m jealous of her lettering skills!

@Kwality570, I love that little octopus from @gozer. The little toy boat cracks me up!

@artsycandice, I really like your card from @gozer, too! I love her hairdo and the happy little seal!

And, I received my set from @Jenleahlynn! She used my space theme as her inspiration and did a variation on the “man in the moon” for them. It’s hard to see in the photo, but each card has a glossy effect for the moon/sun element. It’s pretty neat! I like the softness of the watercolor backgrounds. I think the crescent moon one is my favorite!


All the cards are such fun!!!

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@gozer and I also did a 1:1 swap so she could participate in this swap, and she sent me the sweetest, most adorable, dancing birds card!


The celestial cards are awesome! And the dancing birds, so sweet!

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The dancing birds are so adorable! And I love the celestial cards, especially the moon one.

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I have gotten way behind in commenting as always, but I’m loving everyone’s cards. One of my favorite things about ATC galleries is seeing how everybody takes on themes.