ATCoin Swap - S/U 10/26-11/9/21, S/O 11/30/21

Just checking in to say I am working on it and am excited for the gallery.

I was able to fix my glitch and get both sets out in today’s mail! WOO!

I, on the other hand, messed up the final one at the last minute :woman_facepalming:t2: . Not too hard to redo, but I’ve made peace with the fact that mine aren’t getting out today.

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I gathered supplies at school today so I am ready to rock. Also thinking about how to mail them - I’ve had lots of mail mishaps lately…

Mine are done and ready to take to the post office tomorrow!

I am definitely going to be down to the wire. It felt like I had forever to do these little art pieces and now I have no time! I’m aiming for a send out day send. :crossed_fingers:

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I’m getting so excited and nervous! I certainly looked at various lists of guildelines and many, many examples for ATCoins, but still… did I do it wrong? It’s swap anxiety combined with newbie nervousness. ACK!

I have finished! Now to package up and get ready to pop in the mailbox, possibly tomorrow if the envelopes don’t feel too rigid… The post-people can be really picky and will send back if they are the slightest bit un-paper-like.

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EEEEEEEEEEE! One of my sets is “out for delivery” for this afternoon!

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Stuff is taking a long time to dry so I’ll send on Monday. Looking forward to the gallery!

And we officially have a receiver and it’s ME! I just added the gallery and posted photos of my coins from TheMistressT. Go check 'em out!!



EEP! The first ATCoins I’ve ever made were the first received! Very “nervousing” y’all!

The swap anxiety is mutual, let me assure you :laughing:

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Just caught up on all the chat! I forgot all about checking in. Sorry y’all.

Working on my three last coins now …the last one for each of my three partners.

Having fun!

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Finished mine up today and they are all sealed up and ready for the mail tomorrow!

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My second partner’s were delivered this morning (according to tracking)! ACK!

Didn’t make it to the PO today. I will go early tomorrow, before work.