ATC's this week

I have been pushing my ATC comfort zone while waiting on swaps to open up… I have tried watercolor and colored pencils along with my comfort zone of acrylic.


I am so so glad you shared your atcs on here!! And, it’s super wonderful that you are exploring other mediums–best part of those tiny pieces of art!

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I absolutely love your acrylic ATCs! Looks like you are talented with water color and pencil too! Can’t wait til swapping restarts so I can get some. PS. That alien is amazing!


I love the shooting stars!

I really like all of your night sky paintings (even upside down, haha) but that disco alien is cracking me right up :laughing:

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Yes! John Travolt-alien has never looked so good!

I’m proud of you for branching out! I love to see your work!


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All great atcs! I love the alien!

These look great!! I especially like the disco alien too! :alien::sparkles:

Not sure why it is upside down though… lol