Autumn Field Mouse

For the September stitch along-the theme is Autumn. This little field mouse has gathered the biggest acorn for soup, which she plans to share with her forest friends (yes, I did make up an entire story around this little embroidery). I tinted the stitching with pencils and added a little orange flower to the top.


Adorable! :slight_smile:

So stinkin’ cute!

Adorable :heart_eyes:



Go big, or go home this sweetie says!

Cute! That’s a huge acorn…it is as big (perhaps a smidge bigger?) as the mousie’s head :smiley:

I love her story! Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside

That little orange flower is the perfect touch!

Thanks all! She is part of a series of digital stamps I found on Etsy. There is one with an apple and with a pumpkin. I may need to stitch those up too.

Awww, what a cutie! Why do mice have to be so cute? :wink:

This one built a nice home far away from the people’s home because every mouse knows that the best acorns are found out in the forest.


The goodest mouse.


How adorable! I love how you make up little stories for your embroidery projects!

Absolutely darling!

Adorable … I’ve coloured a few of my stitchings too and like the look.