Bamboo Steamer Cover

TheMisterT recently got a bamboo steamer to up his bao game.

Since it lives on a shelf in our walk-in pantry, I thought it could use a cover to keep it dust-free.

It’s just a circle with an elasticized band.

BONUS: This is an all-stash project. WOO!


Nice! I can imagine bamboo getting pretty grotty, especially in a gas kitchen. You’ve saved it!

Now I want bao. I’m not sure what it is…Oh, thanks, Google, that looks yummy!

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Very nice and functional! That fabric is beautiful!

I have open shelving for most of my appliances and really need covers to keep them dust free and also not so out there since the shelves are in the den!


What a great idea and a beautiful item to now sit on your shelf! :slight_smile:

Cute and practical! Almost makes we wish we had open display shelves so I could cover all with nice fabric to look at each day.

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Such a good idea and I love that fig fabric.

This is so clever! My grandma used to use plastic shower caps on appliances, and it never occurred to me to make something beautiful for the same purpose.


Thank so much everyone!

I had to have the last yard of it when I saw it at a wonderful semi-annual sale, but had no idea what I would do with it. I think this was just right!

Well, this is an enclosed area so we don’t really see-see it sitting there. We do have some open shelving in our kitchen and I hate it! It’s just not for me. :upside_down_face:

I have totally used this method! The cheap ones just don’t last that long and I started to feel bad about the plastic waste, so instead of getting better shower caps I thought I’d try to tuck into my stash!

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Yeah for this functional AND beautiful cover :heart_eyes: I’ve always wanted to make some bowl covers and now I feel highly motivated :smiley:

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Awesome! Love a good stash project. (And some good bao!) And the fabric is fab.

Thanks, friends!

That’s great! We could definitely use something like that. Our bamboo steamer lives on top of the cabinet over the stove so there’s all that gross oil and stuff floating around up there.

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