Be the Cryptid Pillow

For Christmas I stitch up this pillow for my sweetie.


THIS IS SOOOOO CUTE! Like the cutest ever. So great!

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I love this! The smile on the Yeti is perfect!

So cute! You can tell this is a cryptic that takes only photos and leaves only footprints. Really big footprints. Bigfootprints.

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Very cute!

This is adorable!

Love it!

Super cute!

Very cute!

Tee hee hee!

Aw. Love this!

:sparkles: :footprints: :evergreen_tree: Congratulations! Your majestic cryptid pillow is a Featured Project! :evergreen_tree: :footprints: :sparkles:

Thanks! :heart: :kissing_heart:

I love it! Big Foot (or a Yeti) is my favorite of the cryptids (Nessie is a close second), and I love the simplicity of the scene you have. And he looks like a very friendly beast, too :slight_smile:

How fun (and hilarious)