Beanie hats with removable pom poms

I love making these super easy beanie hats, made from Cotton Lycra and fleece lining. They are super cozy. the pom poms have little elastic loops on them that I just loop around a button I’ve sewn to the top.
Pattern was free too, so bonus.


Great group of hats! Seems like a good stashbuster, too. Would you mind sharing the source of the free pattern?

I like the fun furry look of the poms. It looks like you have a decent variety of cotton Lycra fabric. Did you buy it specifically for this project?

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Its from Appletree patterns, I think you have to sign up.for a newsletter to get it

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No, I had gotten some small panel in a mystery pack awhile ago and had no use for them, so I decided to make these with them.

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These are so amazing! My DIL would flip over that Moana one on the top right.