Beginners Swap

I know sometimes swapping can be overwhelming and kind of scary. Back on the other site we used to do newbie/beginner swaps. This would be for a small and people who wanted to try swapping would sign up. Maybe we could do something like this 0-5 swaps, and of course the usual requirements, would be the qualifications. No theme other than you have to new to swapping. I can’t participate but I could organize if there was interest.


Could we open up the criteria to include pairing seasoned swappers with newbies? If we promised to strictly stick to the parameters, no bonkers over the top intimidating spoilage. Just an understanding partner that’s interested in helping someone discover the joys of swapping :blush:


I love the idea of a newbie swap. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Since we don’t have that large of a swapping pool right now, maybe a seasoned swapper could invite a newbie? Or you could start an Invite a Newbie swap @Magpie ! That would be fun too!


I love the idea of pairing a newbie up with a seasoned swapper. That would be fun!


I like this idea in general and both setups specifically. I will say that when I was a newbie, I likely still would have been quite intimidated to swap with a pro, even under these guidelines. So that format may not feel like a toe-dip to all newbies.


All these ideas are great! What if we set up a poll and specifically invited newbies to express their opinions on the options?


That’s a good idea!

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I’m a kind of newbie. I was on Craftster years ago and even organized some of the swaps there. Just got set up today on Lettuce Craft.
I’m not sure what’s changed. I would really enjoy a beginner swap to see how craft swaps are being done now. :slight_smile:
Pairing up with a non newbie seems fun too!


Welcome back!
Here are the rules, badically the same.

If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the swap mods @geekgirl @gozer @Kwality570

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Thank you! My name is different because I couldn’t remember what it was before. (I tried going to the old website, but it takes me to a stamping website. Is there anyway to view the old content on Craftster?)

Did I miss the beginner swap?

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I think some people have used the wayback machine, but i dont know how to do that.

This swap hasnt happened.

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This may be able to help: Wayback Machine

I am not sure what dates you were active, but there are a few snapshots you can look back at to potentially remember your user name.


Hi Manders! Welcome to Lettuce Craft! It’ll be fun to have another swapper join our little group!

Distilled down from the rules @gozer posted, these are the swap conditions that must be met for participants:

  1. You are at least 16 years old.
  2. You have been a LC member for at least 1 month.
  3. You have posted at least 15 times on LC.
    You are not signed up for more than the swap limit. If you have never swapped on LC, you may only sign up for one swap. Once you have completed that swap successfully, you may sign up for up to five swaps at a time.