Big Sis & Lil Sis shirts

Hi there! My niece finally got herself a little sister! Its a 12 years difference, but she is going to be the best big sister, EVER! She loves that baby! To celebrate, I made my niece and newest niece matching shirts to wear. :slight_smile: I saw something similar online somewhere. I made the design based on what I seen previously in photoshop and then uploaded it into my cricut and cut out the design onto to HTV.

Also, here is the design if you want to make something similiar!


CuuuUUUUUte! I bet both mama and Big Sis are going to love these. Lil Sis… well, what does she know? Really. She won’t know.

Anyway, if you’re allowed to share a pic of the sises in their shirts, I would love to see it when they get to wear them!


No pictures in them yet! The baby was born early, so she is still only 5lbs 9oz right now and the shirt I got for her is 3 months, I think. WAY too big for that tiny peanut! lol! I will update later she is bulks up a bit!


Totally adorable!

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Sooo sweet! Thanks for sharing your design!

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Good on you for sharing!

Very cute! Thanks for sharing your design!

Adorable and what a way to get the big sis even MORE excited about the lil sis. :slight_smile:

Congrats aunty. My grand children are 12 yrs apart…exactly. My grndson is wonderful with his very energetic, annoying little sister. They are now 15 and 3. It’s a wonderful span.