Birth of Venus intaglio print (schoolwork)

In printmaking class we had to make an intaglio print based on a work from art history. I flipped through some old textbooks she had for us to use and I decided on The Birth of Venus. If you’re not familiar with the printing method, we etched our design on a plexiglass plate, inked the plate, buffed it out and the ink makes its home in the grooves.

Here’s a pic of it in progress…

Here is the plate, print, and inspiration.

I really liked this method of printing so far. I really liked that I drew it out first before I etched it. Had to keep it in my style. Of course lol.

Hope you enjoy!!


I LOVE it! Your work is so unique & identifiable yours. The teacher must really enjoy having you in the class.


This is superb! I love the way she is standing. And TOTALLY your style!

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She’s definitely one of yours! Thanks so much for sharing your process. I am kind of hoping to see her pop up in future projects with your signature color style, too.


Very cool process and result! Of course it’s in your awesome style.

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Wow, great print, and fascinating process! Sounds very painstaking to do the intaglio print; was it? Sounds like such an exciting class! Love your version of Venus.

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Your style is so distinctive and fun. Great expression and movement.

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What a fun, stylistic impression of the artwork. I love the subtle texture of the buffed off ink on the background.

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The etching on the plexiglass wasn’t that hard to do, but I have to work on engraving a metallic plate right now and it seems a lot harder. haha.

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