Blackout Poems, anyone?

Powerful! That last one really hit me. Wonderfully done.

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@Serenity, yes, I think it would be fun to do in a classroom!
You could do it with pretty much all ages groups.

I made some more yesterday:

All of them are made with a (damaged) copy of the book ‘Our man in Havana’.
Which is a challenge, since it’s all written from a male perspective.
But hey, Blackout Poems are about being challenged.


Ooh, I love that “desperately keen” one.

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Congrats! Your Blackout Poems are one of this week’s featured projects! You are amazing!

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Aw, thank you!
That is so kind of you, @kittykill.
Oh, and this: A HAPPY BIRTHDAY !

Thank you too, @Bunny1kenobi !
(Another pretty new avatar!)


This is SO cool! I have never heard of it, but now I want to try it.

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These are ao brilliant. I am suggesting this to my English teacher friend.

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Don’t forget to look online for examples from other poets. There are some amazing ones out there! (Google ‘blackout poem’.)

I have always loved poetry and did it as a teen without knowing it was a thing. My English teacher told me I wasn’t being original because I was using another author’s work; not plagiarism, but not not plagiarism, he scolded. But we had a very intense dislike for each other and he tried feeding me all sorts of bs that I called him out for. He didn’t like that. :rofl:

Anyways, I digress…

I posted this in the ATC board, but figured it fit here, too-ish. I limited myself to pages 4, 7, 9 in a book and worked my way from top to bottom on each page to come up with my poem, which is entirely my own and not plagiarized in any form. :sweat_smile:


I love it!
A wonderful poem and lovely art at the same time. What’s not to love?




So cool! everyone’s blackout/found/excavated poems are marvellous!

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These are fascinating. Very cool.

Thank you!

You created some great poems! Did you pick out the words first, or just choose the words as you went along?

Also, you should check this out (the link should work even if the preview doesn’t):

I got to see pages from it in person several years ago. It was seriously impressive!

Thanks for your compliment and thanks for the link, @craftADDchick !
I’d never seen Tom Philips work before. It is amazing!

I more or less pick out the words before I begin, but sometimes alter things along the way.
So far I strictly followed the order of the words on the page, which is limiting. Lots of people make snake-like connection lines between words or groups of words, so they can steer your eyes around the page.
I hope to make more in the future and also combine them with painting or ink drawing.

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