Blanket finished!

In 2017ish I decide to make a blanket for my son, who was a junior in high school at the time, using his school colors: blue and yellow. The project fizzled out for a couple reasons - the main one being that he was going to go to college at Michigan State University who’s school colors are GREEN and WHITE. Now MSUs biggest rival- UofM- has the school colors of blue and yellow. This is a very fierce and heated rival in our state. Knowing he wouldn’t take the blanket to school with him to avoid the harassment and ridicule he would most certainly endure if his schoolmates found out I gave upon it, packed it away and kinda forgot about it. A few years go by and I find out my BFF’s daughter is staring at UofM this fall. She didn’t have an open house but I wanted to give her something special. So I decided to finish it off and gift it to her knowing she would appreciate the colors and use it with pride.

(I added white for some contrast and to help fill out the blank. This pattern eats your yarn up!)

This is the card I watercolored for her. I used some metallic paint but it’s hard to see here.

Thanks for looking!


It’s lovely!

That stitch is very impressive but it does look like a yarn-eater. How big is the blanket, and do you know how much yarn it used? Just curious…
And the name of the stitch?

It will be a really nice gift!

Aw, that’s the sweetest. All the moms looking out for all the kids. I hope she loves it. The stitch is great.

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Very cool!!!

She’s going to be the coziest freshman in the dorm!

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I didnt measure it but I’d say it’s about 2ft square maybe. It’s smaller but being a square I didn’t want to make it too big. More of a lap blanket. For keeping her cozy while studying!
It’s called the Bavarian stitch. I love it.

I used maybe a half a skein of the three colors.
Sorry I’m so vague. I’m not good at estimating!


That’s okay. I was just wanting a general idea. It’s a very pretty stitch!

I’ve made a baby quilt from the same video @curiousfae linked to, it’s a wonderful stitch but does consume lots of yarn.


I just realized the blanket is turned over in my picture. The other side is much more textured. :woman_facepalming:t3:


Best bavarian instructions I’ve seen! thank you for sharing!


Beautiful blanket!

Hmmm lots of yarn, you say… intriguing prospect for my stash-busting…


Perfect for stash busting!

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:star_struck: :boom: This awesome project is featured this week! :boom: :star_struck:

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I am so glad you found a home for it, and a reason to finish it. It looks great!

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Looks so snuggly and soft. The card is a great touch too. What a lovely gift.

Wow! Thank you!
She loved it. And now I’ve been asked to make her new roommate one too. :blush:

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